Bruce banner seed problems

I recently ordered 20 BB seeds. The first package came damaged and of course ILGM replaced my order. However, the germination rate is very poor, with only 6 out of 16 seeds germinating. In the past, I have had 100% germination. Anyone else having issues? I follow the germination process stated by ILGM.

Ouch … I’m sitting at 100% so far on almost 20 seeds so far. I use h2o2 in a warm spot for 24hrs then use that water to wet a paper towel and put it in there in a baggie in that same warm place for 24hrs and then in the dirt…every time so far so good.

I use the same method. All other seeds I have gotten usually a 100% success. Thanks for the info.

I only had 1 of 3 seeds start to grow of my Bruce banner from Ilgm
They all germinated and all treated the same but 2 seeds stunted and 1 looks like she will be dead about an inch tall
I don’t know if this helps
Bought in March 2021
Sprouted 4/20

ILGM replaced 10 seeds with their buy 10 get 10. That why I deal with them, never a hassle. However, my seeds did the same as yours. 7 out of 19 is not good. My last crop of Gold Leaf and GG were amazing. Definitely something wrong with these seeds. Thank you for your input. I have been growing for many years and have not encountered these problems. Hope ILGM checks this out. I will still buy from them.


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Yes same problem, did it by the book and 0 out of 5 have popped …

Thanks for that info. The ones I did get to pop are growing like crazy and look really good. I haven’t contacted ILGM yet, but plan on doing so soon. They have always been great when issues like this occur. I suggest you do the same.


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