Bruce Banner Out of Control, need nelp?

Not sure what i’m doing here but all new to growing and this is my second post. Now I’m asking for help on if I should prune leaves and if so which ones and how, do i cut the big fan leaves that keep covering everything? Keep reading the forms and its like no don’t trim or touch autos because the time to recover. :exploding_head: My auto’s didn’t start exploding until I got another light but I thought I would have much more vertical height to adjust my LST training. NOPE auto’s doing auto things and now I have I guess you would call it pop corn buds freaking everywhere. Tried to do a little LST and a little trim and tucking leaves as best i can but at this point i’m afraid to do anything else as ‘Polly’ is getting stress on top of it all. I also damaged some leaves on Erica as she looks like she wants to start flowering. HELP???

Light Distance:

Polly (BB)

Erica (GG)

Brittany (She is a stunted, same age as polly, I’m just letting her ride out. She is almost a lost cause but spent too much money on seeds just to pull her. Of 5 GSC auto she is the only one left, seems GSC like soil over DWC but I"m a newbie)

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We just finished a Bruce banner auto and she responded really well to defoliation. I think whether or not to defoliate is a personal decision dependent upon if you are willing to risk stunting the plant. Ours actually got a little boost in growth when we removed some leaves. If you do decide to try just remove the largest fan leaves that are blocking bud sights and make sure to leave enough for photosynthesis and never remove sugar leaves which are the smaller ones mixed in with the buds. Good luck and happy growing.


You almost have to trim to have adequate air flow mainly the bottom 20% can be trimmed… i wouldn’t mess with the top at all unless you just absolutely have too… tuck them big leaves under around over lol whatever you have to do to expose the bud sites…
Only do a little at a time… that will be a continuous task. Proper light and air flow is a must imho they’re looking good how old are they…??

I would check your DLI, if your wanting more room between nodes need to turn the light down some so they can stretch some.


I like mine to have a bit more space between the nodes. I might turn the light down a bit and hope they stretch a bit. Also, I would defoliate that bb. Open it up for light and airflow. Could just be my tired stoned eyes but she looks dark green, maybe too much N?

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Looks like you have ~400w of light. That is quite a lot and explains the dense growth. Maybe cut out the SF1000’s for a while to encourage some stretch.

Height looks about right, ~200w should make them reach a bit.

@madman2022 the foil looks like an amazing idea ! Any specific reason for it other than the obvious as a reflective but is the your soil treated and thats why you use the foil. Sorry for all the questions :thinking: Im trying to learn all i can

@madman2022 I just harvested a Banner Fast photo, not auto and the only defoliation I did was leaves that shaded tops and leaves that got no or little light. Plant loved it and came out great. Good luck and good grow.
Hydro… that’s out of my league! :smirk:

My Bruce Banner right now! She probably still has like 2-3 weeks left.

Yeah I have been just trying to do a little at a time and then tuck or move if I feel like I shouldn’t mess with an area. As far as age I’m confused on how to determine that. In the top pic I planted polly on 5/1 so today is almost 8 weeks. However I don’t know how to subtract seed to seedling part so maybe 6 weeks :confused:

I thought about turning down the lights to get them to stretch some but i was afraid once you go up in light you shouldn’t turn down but I will give it a try, the nodes are so close together I have no room to work or LST.
Yes Polly is running HOT on N right now as this feeding I should have cut her down in dose but couldn’t decide what week I was on so she got a heavy dose. No worries her feeding is coming up plus I have to top her off some as well to start bring her back in line. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, my first hydro as well but seems to be going pretty well. Just a couple of different things to change up from growing in soil, its not hard.

Great point, could I do like Pinboy and The_Cannabowlist suggested and maybe cut back my light from 90% down to 50% or 60%, I have all 3 linked so they all adjust down.

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Looking good, may reach back out on how your harvest goes. How long did it take? Also are they auto’s?

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I had the same exact issue. I had no idea that node spacing plays a huge role in how good you can train your girl. In hindsight i would have definitely stretched her node spacing much more! I ended up with stocky short stuby girls! They still doing their thing though.

Yes sir i have all autos. Banner and Girls scout cookies are the healthiest of the bunch! I dropped my seeds the 3rd of May and by the 7th they sprouted. I am on my 4th week of flower on 4 of my plants. 2 are slowing coming along and those are the gorilla glue strain. They stared flowering 2 weeks ago!

Bruce Banner!

Love the colors!!

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@THC73 Ah, the inverted cone…excellent! Great light penetration. :upside_down_face:

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What about some of the lower branches that look like they have some flowers on them. Is it OK to cut them out for the greater good? I hate to cut any bud sites out but I have got to get some room so they can space out for air flow. I’m concerned with everything just too close together the whole ship will go down if one branch infects another or has problems.