Bruce Banner no show


Got a question for anyone who has grew bruce banner, I ordered 5 of these and 3 never germinate, nothing, the nice people at ilgm sent replacement’s and I done the 24 hour cup and water, then paper towe and all 3 produced tap roots…put in ffof soil under light, and some sunshine and after 6 days nothing…so I uncover them and tap root is gone…? I also ordered 20 crystal and have 20 crystal plants…also the 2 bruce that made it out of first one are beast…so is my soil too hot for this strain? @Sasquatch @garrigan65 @Laurap @BIGE@ anyone else who may have a idea…I’m no begginer…39 years of growing under my belt…bad luck maybe?


If tap root are missing it sound like they where over watered
And root rotted away
Ive have started my beans in that soil when i used it with no issues
You should use a starter soil tho and transplant into that soil once established


clone the heck out of your strong one
they say ffof is a bit hot for younger seedlings.
i use sunshine promix 4 and control the nutrients myself.


Promix is a good choice @BIGE
I use promix bx from start to finish
Also controll my nutrients :wink: woohoo


we’re control freaks john…lol


Hahaja well
Maybe just a little @BIGE :wink:


roll and control them gals!


Nope…just enought water from a spray mist to dampen the soil…


Thats all i can think of @Sittingbull64
Or over dry
When i pot my plants i water my soil first then place beans in damp soil
I wont start misting until it starts to dry out
Also putting a dome over the top help cups retain moisture so less misting is needed ?
Keep us posted :wink:


@Countryboyjvd1971…also I’m stingy with water…a plant can come back from under watering better than over watering



This is some I did at same time…just the bb…gave me problems


Im at a lose as far as what to say then @Sittingbull64
Did you start those in ffof as well
@garrigan65 @Donaldj any thoughts to why this maybe happening


@Countryboyjvd1971 yes sir…everything was the same…same lights same soil same water ph @ 6.5…that’s why I ask maybe it’s the strain…bt that makes no sense either…maybe just a fluke…I hope so because I just bought 20 more of them…lol…



This is a bruce banner that made it…19 days old


I just got some bb but have not tried to pop them yet
Wish i had a answer bro
Let see what garrigan and dj have to say bro
You obviously can keep them alive?


Ive got some bb on the way. Had problem with first skywalker.


I agree with everyone else. Soil was probably too hot. I only put in coir when seedlings.


Well thanks for the help guys…will change soil next bb grow…