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Growing fast. Pulled krumpets from this tent and will be growing separate.


You have some very healthy plants there, nice work!


Looks gorgeous in there. Is that a 360° tower fan?

Yep just keeps spinning in circles

That’s incredible. And I may need one :rofl:

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Dbrn. As for the spring pot system. I have set it up. There is very litttle difference in the regular autopot and the spring pot system.

I do like the spring pots that came with it as they are a little taller than my other 3 gallon pots.

I used push to connect OD valves and coupling. The valves that come with it are cheap and some leak from the valve not where the hose connects.

The spring pot system comes with a copper pot sock which I like better than the flat copper Mat the plastic pots are designed to sit on.

The reservoir is nothing more than a cheap 13 gallon trash can with a hole drilled in the bottom.

It’s a decent buy that will make having to water daily a lot easier. You are really paying for that special aqua valve they have. Would be difficult to imitate unless you had like a 3D printer that could print those :exploding_head::exploding_head: should’ve thought of that before spending the money. All in all I’d buy again. I currently have both models that I spoke of up there! Hope this helps.


@dbrn32 not sure what happened to the tag in the last post.

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Height difference in the 5 gallon spring pot and a 3 gallon smart pot. Both fit perfect inside the autopot xL


I’m not sure about tag either, perhaps the interwebs are out for me haha.

The info is very much appreciated!

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So if you’re intentions were to stick with 3 gallon, which system would you purchase if you were to expand?

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If you’re going with fabric pots go with the spring pot xl. Only because it comes with the pot socks to keep roots in. I like those better than the ones they sent with the plastic pots.


Awesome. I’ll probably try to buy just the pots. The rest of it I can assemble myself without worrying about the convenience fee.

1/4" or 3/8" on those?

3/8. I started to piece it together but it was still cheaper to get from them. The aqua valve and base is really what your paying for.

Great to know. So aqua valve makes it cost effective to get the whole setup from them vs just the valve pots?

I like the 3/8 for sure. I was just worried about over posting for a plastic trash can and things

Whoever came up with the aqua valve was smart. It allows the soil to go through a flood to dryish state instead of keeping it under water the whole time. That’s what your paying for.

Think I paid 260. For the spring pot 4 xl or something like that.
Came with 13ft tubing
4 aqua valves
Autopot base’s
A handful of cheap T’s and valves.
13 gallon trash can with a hole (a small sponge like filter and piece to connect the trash can.

If I bought the base and aquavalve and nothing else from their website it would run 240.


Cool. They don’t rake you, I can get on board with that. Thanks J I appreciate it

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Its basically a carburetor float.


Which I can completely wrap my head around


Yea same idea.


moved krumpets to another tent. Started 3 Fire OG photos that will go along beside krumpets. They will be about a month behind but I’ll make it work.
I will most likely run both grows from this thread unless someone has an issue with it.

3 cute little seedlings popped and then there’s krumpets.