Bruce Banner Grow Week 1

First week for Bruce Banner! She is in a mix ratio 70/30 of a Coco and Pearlite mix. I will be mainlining this time around around I’m shooting for 8 main colas. Feels free to add any advice or thoughts.


I will be in the back row watching!! :beer: :beer: :popcorn: :popcorn:


Nebula’s or Nugbuckets?
i’m a fan either route

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1 of each!!

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Nugbuckets this time! I’ll have to do some research on the alternative.

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I have some critical mass autos in the background or I’d else I would try both methods

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Trying a manifold on an auto is high risk. Time may not be on your side. I am often topping the 2nd time around 35 - 40 days. Autos are often starting to flower by then.
This is a Nebula’s Manifold
The growth points at the first node are kept and the main stems are only topped once.

Nebula Haze of grow weed easy DOT com popularized this technique. It cuts a few days off compared to Nugbuckets,
This is a traditional Nugbuckets mainline

I retained the leaves at the first node but the growth points have been removed

it will be topped again to complete it.


Thats wild!

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Week 2 for the bruce other than the dose of calmag from last week I’ve only been watering RO water. The roots are almost finished filling in the pot. I’ll probably transplant within the week.

Update shot on the critcal mass autos getting some nice fats nugs

I’ve transplanted about 3 days ago. Everything went great the plant suffered little to no transplant shock and reached it’s 6th node so I topped to the third. I’ve decided to stay with nugbuckets because time really isn’t an issue and I may look into growing a few clones on the side for some extra bud

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Lookin good so far not too much to update y’all on

Not much going on still focused on on streching the plants braches opposite of one another

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