Bruce banner going to seed

my bb autoflower has seeds in its 3rd week of flower, I was trimming some popcorn buds off and thats when I noticed some seed. 8 seeds in about 15 nugs.

.I’m thinking flush an harvest immediately problem is it doesn’t have hardly any amber trickles on it .my ? Is will the seeds be autoflower and female? My first grow help please.

Need to do a close examination to figure out why it developed seeds. If flower is continuing to stack you may as well ride it out but there are likely ‘nanners’ in your flower: hermaphrodite.


At three weeks those pistils are curling up like its done.
I fear you have a plant that got pollenated and is done what it wanted to by making seeds.
Looks like the resin production has ended too.
Thats a bummer.

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I am going to flush it with rò water. 3 gallons
.let it go till I either see trichomes Turn amber .their clear as glass right now or the leaves dying.i can’t see any whole nanners but when I was cleaning the popcorn buds I saw parts of one. She’s a pretty little thing for my first af. 4x4 vivosun tent. 2500 viparspectra ac infinity fan with auto controls in modified ocean Forrest soil . Get your grow on Cali .

Thats her

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If it self pollinated (which is likely) you will get autoflower seeds but not necessarily fem, more likely to have the hermie gene show it’s self again/stronger.

I agree probably best to just keep around. Weed with seeds can be fine. If you’re less than 1 seed per bud it’s not all that bad. I would run it’s natural course.


Well I paid 20 bucks a. Sees i didn’t expect this lol and weed with seeds sucks the big nanner