Bruce Banner flowering questions

Hello to All:
This’ll be a little wordy. I’m into week 15 of my Bruce Banner-bought here-and an unfamiliar with it’s traits.
I’m using Fox Farm products, soil, nutrients, and their printable feeding schedule. I’ve been repeating week 12( 3 tbs Big Bloom,1tbs Tiger Bloom.) EM1, H2O pH measuring 6.5 pH, Running 12/12 using 600w ViperSpectra LED, kept 20" above canopy. I started flushing today with solely 6.5 pH water, giving her 1/2 gal daily. My meters register “damp”, the soil drains well, and the earthworm colony is healthy. Room temp runs 68* F, and humidity 50%.
The plant looks happy, I do have some sun leaves with brown spots and curled tips(down) which are also brown. This is primarily on the topmost colas, and the secondary bud leaves which are a couple inches shorter are greener with no spotting.
The colas are 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 in diameter and not as stinky as some strains I’ve grown, but she’s super sticky. 20% of the hairs are curling and going amber.
I do have a few black gnat like critters that stay on the soil,til aroused, and seem to prefer hanging out white sides of the grow closet, but I see maybe one or two at a time.
I’m not familiar with ILGM Bruce Banner, and don’t know what to expect as to bud size, stinky-ness, etc, or the best time to harvest. I’ve heard that the top most colas can be harvested 1st, while leaving the shorter colas to mature, but can’t say if this is BS or not, also, the buds aren’t near the diameter of some strains I’ve grown (Skunk). In other words I’m sort of clueless.


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Sorry for my misunderstanding. What is your question?

I’m wondering, given the info provided, if I’m on the right track, and if the leaf issue I mentioned is something to worry about. Sorry, I’m tech challenged, hope I posted correctly.

The Bruce Banner strain is a sativa dominate strain. So it’ll have a longer flowering period than the Skunk strains, which are indica dominate. I wouldn’t worry about bud size. Just give them time to fill out. I’m seeing a lot of white pistils, so it appears they still have a ways to go.
As for the leaf issue, you’re ph is good. Only advice I could give on that is check your runoff ph or wait for someone else with more experince to comment lol
Your plants look happy though. I wouldn’t worry about the leaf issue unless it continues to progress.

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The curling of the leaf tips typically points to too much nitrogen.

His main concern is the brown spots on the leaves.

Mine are in 40 percent humidity bb loves 77 ish temps i have viperspectra 1350 and he loves that light my grand daddy perp dont like high temps. Definitely low humidity :+1:dense nugs

she looks a little cal/mag deficient and 3-6 wks from mature,
i’d alternate feeding cal/mag and FF until she gets15-20% amber trichomes.!!
feed with cal/mag then FF, cal/mag, FF, cal/mag, FF…

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Looks a little calcium deficient.
Bb takes a while to mature because it’s sativa dominant.

Otherwise she looks good.

Thanks for the advice. Is Epson salts best for the Cal/Mag issue? How much per gallon of water?- I’ve read that folliar feeding brings faster results, True or BS? How about Flushing, looks like I’m premature, what should I look for before I initiate, and how long before harvest? Does BB “stretch”? About the Nitrogen burn, should I half the Big Bloom? I’m underground and the temp stays pretty constant 65*/ 68* F is this an issue,and should I get a space heater ? And what should I look/test for in my run-off? Thanks Again

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And you got that off that photo? Dang. I need to keep my mouth shut and listen!

65F is perfect. You want to wait until your white pistils are close to being gone. I see a healthy plant. Could you point out the Cal and Mg deficiencies noted? Are you using any P, K sulfate boosters? What are your nutes?

Good Morning, and thanks for replying. Not sure what you were asking concerning the Cal/Mag deficiencies, those were suggested by the forum. I use well water pH’d to 6.5, EM1, 3tsp of big Bloom, and 1tsp of Tiger Bloom. I’m here at the library and can’t say what the mixture actually is. I looked for cal/mag supplements, but live in a small town… any suggestions? Thanks

@OldSmoker, GM to you, there are a few around here that knows exactly what that is, I would suggest to put in a support ticket that will flag someone to help… here is the link…

i also had issues with bruce banner . but after i added cal/mag - almost 1ml/Lt , alll trouble were over .

Oldsmoker, how is things going your way? Hows thr plants?

Good Day; I went ahead and harvested. I developed a calcium deficiency problem, and by the time it manifested itself, I had issues. thanks for the follow up, Happy Trails

Hi Bob; I went ahead and harvested… by the time the cal/mag deficiency manifested itself all I could do was play catch up. I’ve read in different sites HOW to deal with Cal/Mag issues once they show themselves, but nothing on how to prevent it in the 1st place. I started a new plant, and folded in 1 cup of Dolomite lime into 10gal of soil. It would be great to have a maintenance program that I couple with the feeding schedule. What are you using for cal/mag? Thanks, and Happy Trails.

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Dolamite lime is a good source of Cal/Mg, but may be dissolving slowly in the soil raising the pH. Your problem may not be a deficiency, but instead be a lockout caused by pH. Are you monitoring the pH of the water after it flows through the soil?

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No, I regularly tested the soil, and the water prior to watering, and flushed the pot monthly, but never checked the outflow…I’ll make sure to this time around. I didn’t use the dolomite on this last grow, the symptoms came up fast. Is there a product available that deals with the problem without compromising the pH? I used Epson salts judiciously, but lacked a guideline for amount…sort of winged that, at 1 tsp per gal of water…thanks —Original Message-----

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