Bruce Banner fem first grow

Good day all. This will be my first real attempt at growing cannabis. I know I’ve already made mistakes and I’ll probably make some more…no big deal, this is just a fun little trial run, trying to figure out what to do and hopefully with your help it’ll turn out OK :slight_smile: Would like to figure it all out before I start with my little auto breeding project. I will be going into detail about everything! I want this to be something I can come back to for any detail of what I did! Sorry lol

Let’s start with my setup;

Tent - 3’w x 3’d x 7’t there is also 2- 3’w x 1’d x 3.5’t propagation/storage section on the side.

Lights - 1200w led bloomspec apparently full spectrum. I read somewhere this light does not have uvl or, I forget what the other is called, ir or iv something like that anyway…


Model Number: B1200

LED Power: 1200W (120x10W)

LED Types: dual Epiled/Bridgelux chips

Avg. PowerDraw: 110V: 252W±5%; 220V: 243W±5%

HPS Replacement: 800W HPS/MH

Dimensions: 15.7″ x 9.4″ x2.8″

Grow area at 24″ Height: 3x3ft

Flower area at 18″ Height: 2.5×2.5ft

Input Voltage: AC 100-240V

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Most of the specifications are just gibberish to me!! Lol. Is this a good light? It’s about 26" from the plants, probably going to lower them to 24" in a few days.

Fans - no intake fan, but the tent is opened several times a day so I think this will be OK. Let me know if I’m wrong. I have 2 - 6" fans in the ceiling. I only have 1 of them on all the time. I also have a 6" clamp fan blowing between the plants and lights.

Humidity / Temp - I have to run a humidifier all the time. When the tank runs out the tent drops down to about 32-35 RH :frowning: but the tent is usually at about 65-70 RH. The temp ranges between 70-80F in the light. And I’d guess around 65-75F without. I don’t know though, I don’t open the tent when the lights are off, but the lights give off next to no heat so I don’t think there would be to much of difference.

Current pots - 6" little orange pot (plastic)

Growing medium - now I believe this is mistake #1 I bought it and used it before I knew any better so please don’t yell at me! Lol I bought 2 little bags of miracle grow soil. I filled my 2 - 6" pots with this. Then I mixed the rest of the 2 little bags with 5 kg of coco fiber. Still don’t know why you shouldn’t use miracle grow though??

Pots I’ll be transplanting into when that time comes - 5 gallon pots (fabric with handles :))

Nutrients - Everything is from Advanced nutrients. PH perfect (no its not…) Grow (1-0-4), micro (2-0-0) and bloom(1-3-4) 3 part system. Sensi cal mag extra(4-0-0). Voodoo juice. Big bud (powder)(0-15-35) Only thing I’ve used so far is the voodoo juice for the roots 2ml/L ph’ed to 6.3

Tap water is in 5 gallon bucket with 4" circle air stone. Ph’ed to about 6.3 before I use it, run off averages about 6.8. I don’t have a tds reader yet. There are a few things I still need to get this weekend that’s 1 of them. I always let the water sit at least 24 hours before use to let chloreen evaporate.

Things on the shopping list for this weekend; tds reader, colloidal silver 1000ppm 8oz bottle, Wallace mycorrhizal fungi -1lb, pro-mix mycorrhizae - 20L, perlite and worm castings

I want to mix the pro-mix mycorrizae and perlite and worm castings with the 5kg of coco fiber and soil. Any suggestions on a good ratio?

I’ll upload some pics tomorrow, I’m to tired and high to take pics now its like 1:30 am :slight_smile: have a good night everyone!



Current pots

Pots I’ll be transferring into




Now the plants :slight_smile:
Does anybody know why these top leaves are a different looking (1 looks sativa the other indica)

Now this 1 is plant ‘a’.

OK now I have a question. I’ve looked at many different Bruce banner grow journals and all of them seem to have 1 thing in common. There appears to be about 4"-6" of stem between the medium and the first rounded leaves. My bigger plant is starting its fourth set of real leaves (1 already has 5 fingers!) And they aren’t even as tall as a bic lighter yet? Are my plants stunted? Am I doing something different or wrong? The plants look very healthy to me. Am I just not seeing something. So confused… Could it be because I’m only using the blue/white on my lights with no red yet? I plan to turn that on this weekend.

Answering this will be more of a help. :+1:

Already answered most of these…

  • What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed - Bruce banner fem from toronto seed bank

  • Method: Soil w/salt, Organic soil, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, KNF - currently miracle grow soil, will be transplanted into coco fiber mixed with a bit of miracle grow soil

  • Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths - currently 6" plastic pots, will be put into 5 gallon fabric pot when the time comes

  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable) - going it 6.3 coming out about 6.8

  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable - will be getting a tds reader this weekend

  • Indoor or Outdoor - indoor tent

  • Light system - 1200 w bloomspec led

  • Temps; Day, Night - day 70-80f night 65-75f

  • Humidity; Day, Night - average of 65-70RH

  • Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size - no intake fan, 2 - 6" fans in the ceiling only 1 runs all the time

  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, - humidifier

  • Co2; Yes, No - no

Sorry man…all that didn’t load up when I wrote my post.

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Get one of these. They’re cheap.

Your light pulls 250w. It’s good for 5’sq of flowering.
Your tent is 9’sq.
You’ll be fine for veg, but will be underlit for flowering.

The rh is manageable now. Low rh will be great for flowering.

You can get by without an exhaust fan. Keep in mind the tent will need fresh air exchange, so you can put a fan near an exhaust port blowing in or out. You can leave the tent unzipped during lights on, (which lets some light escape). These options will also let the smell of marijuana out. If you have zero qualms with your house smelling dank you’ll be fine.

Don’t worry about the height of the plants. They’ll grow. Leaving your light in veg spectrum only gives lots of blue light. This keeps your plants short and squat. If you want some height turn the bloom switch on too.

They look a little unhappy. It could be the miracle grow. Fortunately it’s just a little and you’re repotting into something else.

Don’t overwater. Let the soil dry before adding more. It’s a flood/drought approach.

Don’t use any nutes yet.

All good :slight_smile:

Already have a hygrometer works great. Should I take 1 of the 6" fans out of the ceiling and put it in the vent hole in the bottom of the tent? Should I get another of the same light or is there an led that you would suggest? I would prefer to only run 1 light at a time.
As for the watering that’s the hard part for me! Lol. Im not over watering. Haven’t watered them since 10/30 I could water them now but want to wait at least another day. I also use voodoo juice with water but no other nutes.

Personally I would run on the bottom to suck in air and use one at the top to help pull out the hot air. That is what I’ve done.

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I’d have one of those top fans blowing out. Then I’d take the other and move it to a bottom vent and have it blow in. Of course this will only be good for veg, since your girls will need 12 hours of absolute dark.

As for lights… I’d love to only run 1 as well. You’ll need approx 200 more actual watts, (if you go blurple). So another of the same will work. If you run your current light with both switches on you’ll be good until flower. That’s when you need lots and lots of light.

If you have money to burn check out horticulture lighting group . Com. Their r-spec boards are currently very popular. You’ll need about 300w from one of them to fill your tent.

I do run 2 HLG 260xl rspec kits in a 4x4 and they do the job and then some. This means I’m pulling about 570 true watts from the wall.

My kit would be to big for your tent. But they have smaller ones or you can do a DIY build.

Would this be a good light? I’d still have to use both for flower wouldn’t I? I think this 1 pulls about 232w

@shaptwister It actually pulls about 191 to 192 true watts from the wall.

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I cannot endorse any of the amazon blurple lights.

They can grow marijuana, but are hugely inefficient.

I bought several wayyyy back when. I too was duped by their misleading marketing. Then I built a light with bridgelux eb strips, then another, then some cobs, a couple hlg v2 288’s, most recently I’ve been using plc photoboost strips. All of them are generations ahead of any blurple from amazon

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308w? I think?

Awesome side note :slight_smile: my auto seeds just got delivered

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This might be enough to round out your tent. Let’s ask @dbrn32

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Looks good but it doesn’t deliver to canada

You can check hlg Canada. I believe there is some differences in $ though. if that’s case a single 260 xw would do it.

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These look like great lights but I’m very unwilling to pay $600+ for a light that only covers 3’ x 3’ area. I think I’m just going to get a second 1200w bloomspec. That should at least work pretty good right. I know it won’t be perfect but good enough. My dad is already freaking out on me on a regular basis with how much money I’ve already spent! Not that I care, but it would be nice not giving him more fuel to bitch lol