Bruce Banner fans

Bruce Banner fans my first grown
This guy is 8 foot six I don’t know if that’s good or bad
Let me know doing this for fun and for myself.
Dan and Dylan


@Dantheman1 I know you’re legal but just for privacy sake you might want to scratch out that license plate. Beautiful plant brother!


Gonna have monster nugs on that big girl

Thank you and thank you for the observation I’m not good at noticing things like that


For fans of Maui Wowy it is all going to tell your age
Have not seen it myself for 20 years so I thought I’d try it it’s almost 8 feet tall
I put it in three weeks early I guess its paid off for all the extra work
But I am not counting my chickens before the nugs


Awesome @Dantheman1

Not too far behind at 7ft 6 inches

Beautiful man!!!

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Thanks Brother, I have some Bruce Banner, Gorilla Glue, and Girl Scout Cookies, Growing, starting to Flower hard, unfortunately I have to Gurellia Grow and my biggest Bruce Banner had outgrown the cover!

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You must have started early against all suggestions everybody told me no but put them in a little early seem to work after the babysitting.
Gets kind of cold in Oregon everyone waits till Mother’s Day but the last couple weeks have been brutal man 108 and these guys don’t like that at all not enough water in the whole river to keep them happy.
Thanks you guys I’ll take care :service_dog:

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I started seeds in April, South Carolina East Coast, temperatures were around 80 then , Yes it’s Hot here too feeling like 105 ° been dry here too , I’m tired of hauling water, I see on the news about all the Fires on the west coast, Be Safe out there Nice Grow you have going on

Just being sociable hey I only know what the temperatures are there except where I’m sitting and roasting my balls off I get it you guys bad humidity I am from Phoenix down there in the day 120 zero humidity we made it through but I can’t do 14% humidit.

And I’ll think I’m double watering right now it sucks
I don’t have to carry water too far and when it’s time to flush them I can use the hose thank God I’m just a beat up old asshole with my old asshole dog.
And it’s just to have fun and Christmas presents for the last few people that are alive from the day.
Thank you for the correspondence I’m not used to this all being legal but I’m having a lot of fun.
Dan & Dylan

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Unfortunately I’m in a illegal state, yes im Gurellia Growing i don’t have but 7 plant’s more than I really need for personal use, it’s a pain in the ass hauling water and trying to grow camouflage, I enjoy growing my own weed and not wanting street drugs or paying the price for a small amount of weed, Hell I’m takeing a chance, I wish all states were Legal

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Even though it is legal here the laws change every six months.

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I’m understanding that by people who are in legal states, one good thing is you probably will just have to pay a fine versus i will probably get cuffed and stuffed , Some of the Laws are Stupid, Honestly I’m going to keep Growing because I like Having weed that I know is :100: organic , I’m scared of street drugs been cases around here where people are putting fentanyl on weed, I can’t understand why people want to harm other people

@Nip a friend of mind toured a CBD manufacturing company. To him it was dirty. No gloves or protective clothing. He thought it would be some more hygienic.

There’s a very large CBD place a few miles from me and they just have a bunch of workers just like farmers no big deal nothing any different.
Also burnt River Farms is out here right down the road and that’s the good kind of cannabis and they’re the same or just casual workers.

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These peole were making capsules, oils and gummies.