Bruce Banner, DWC, 2x2, Phytomax 2 400, indoor grow

Weekly update pics;

Canopy shot;

Bud shot;

I had to trim off another bud and some leaves as they were getting close to the LED’s.
21 days since light flip, 3-1/2 months since pop.

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You should be dropping back now. Definitely not using full grow levels of it.

@PurpNGold74 should I drop back to 1ml per liter of grow nutes or should I cut it out completely?

Thanks for the replies guys unfortunately I just got busted, they took the plant, light, fan and carbon filter and left a mess.

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What the fark?!?! At least they didnt take u! Wow seriously man? That sucks donkey :peanuts:

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Thanks mate, it won’t stop me, I still have the tent and pot, just need to get a new light, fan and filter, this time I will go with a Quantum Board and will mount the fan and filter outside the tent so I can raise the light higher.