Bruce Banner, DWC, 2x2, Phytomax 2 400, indoor grow

Here is my indoor grow of Bruce Banner (ILGM strain) in a 60cmx60cmx160cm grow tent using a Black Dog Phytomax 2 400 LED and a 1 pot 27L DWC with a mega bubbler.


Puny Banner… :joy::joy: i kid. Nice setup. First grow? Lemme poke u some hydro vets. @peachfuzz @Grandaddy013 @DoobieNoobie


Very nice setup for starting out. Thanks for the tag purp. I’m around most days if you need help.


Thanks for the replies.
Not my first grow, I used to grow using CFL but that was 20 years ago.
I am in South Australia.


Few folks from Oz around here


Yes a few from OZ on here @Sth61The420State is a South Aussie, if and when you get another light go the Solskin board way from Cutters Electronics in Australia.


Smeg in hell, another South Aussie, hope he drops by.


This is only my second grow and just starting my own scrog I am 2x4 tent with 2 800w cob LEDs hope this works. And wish you the best on your grow

Looks good @FrostyBuds
I’ll be watching :eyes:

Thanks @Fms and @Mat, she’s getting bigger.

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How is the good Doc doing around here?

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Who’s the good Doc?

Bruce Banner. Sorry im a comic book head :joy::man_facepalming:t5:

Ah, you got me there. :roll_eyes::smiley:

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Bought 2 20W LED batten fix lights today, cost $100 but it will do for the seedling instead of the 420W LED grow light, should save $3 per day in electricity so it will pay for itself over the next 33 days.

Got them sitting on the scrog net a few inches from the plant.

I keep getting an error when uploading pics so you will have to look at the ICMAG link in my first post.

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Pretty sure thats not a safe link… and it didnt lead me to ur pics. When u try to upload, sit and watch the percent. Dont try to type of move the screen til it hits 100.

Is it more of a size error?

That was a link to International Cannagraphic Magazine so safe.
Here is a weekly update, she’s grown a bit, looking a bit purple but good.

Finally got the pics uploaded showing the LED lights and them on the scrog net.

Grow my precious… grow!

Yes, grow and grow she does, will post a pic in a few days.

Here is the weekly update pic.
She’s grown quite a bit, loving the LED lights, I’m giving her grow nutes at 1/10 strength with cal/mag at full strength (can only measure down to 1ml with my syringe) and ph’ed to about 5.5-5.8 (meter is dodgey), using a spray bottle every second day.