Bruce Banner cloning Issues

Question from a fellow grower- Hello I’m having a horrible time trying to clone Bruce banner…I have a clone king that mists water on the stem, seems like it would work, in fact I don’t understand how it doesn’t work

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are you using any cloning hormones? powder,gel,liquid?
clonex,roottech,are just a couple


Also scarring the stem slightly would help. Scrap the green off the bottom inch or two before dropping into water or gel or whatever

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thank you…i have tried about everything, cutting them from about three inches and down to about one, i have the clonex cloning solution, i have scraped, nicked and split some, and as of now the split ones look the most promising, i just thought the way the machine works it would be a no brainer but its not, some, well most just rot away, some get the root spots and some get clusters of them but they never seem to become roots, i got one and it had just a few stands hanging down plus what looked like a good tap root and it took off, just seems like that machine would spit those things out, maybe the water gets too warm with the pump running non stop, i just put a few little ones in a float type with a dome, heat pad and clonex gel…thanks

I put mine into rockwool plugs and mist them a few times a day. I also used rootech gel and had a 100% success rate. I actually had to give a few away and let a couple more die.

Use aloe vera clone works everytime

Combine all of the above techniques :joy:.

Take cutting.
Soak cutting.
Apply aloe/clonex/whateverhormone.
Use bubbler.
When rooting plant that puppy.

Also i wanna make me a cloner bubblomatic. How does urs look?

-sidenote also. Ive seen quite a few hydro growers use a frozen water bottle to cool off a rez.

I used iclone for my cuts…all 4 was a 101% successfully…
Make the cuts at 45 degrees, stick them in iclone 1cm then you put them in jiffy and if you spray them at least twice a day and put them under a dome in 4-7 days you will see the roots.
Then transplant in a small pot…
P. S. Bruce Banner :wink:


Wat I do is soak my cubes in a small amount of water mixed with a pro mix rooting powder for about half hr.
Then wen you cut the clone. Dip in a rooting gel aswell then into your dome I run 24 hr light on them
I cut 6 Bruce banners 3 days ago they look great. If I can do it. You can to :shamrock::seedling::+1:

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