Bruce Banner autoflowers have brown spots

I have 4 Bruce Banner plants and 2 of them are showing brown or burn spots on the leaves. They’re about 2 weeks into flower. One of them is in a 3 gallon pot and the light is about 26 inches from it. One is taller in a 5 gallon pot and is 19 inches from the light. What could the problem be? They all get the same nutrients and water.

Cannabis Leaf Symptoms to Identify Plant Problems (By Pictures)

First time posting, following your thread hoping someone answers. I’m currently growing same strain but a week or two behind you and the same issue just popped up yesterday on one of my ladies. I was hoping just a cal/mag deficiency and gave her a dose of that last night. Other than that they all look good though! First time growing and having a blast, this forum is amazing I’ve spent the last month just following people’s grows and it has helped a bunch! Lots of friendly knowledgeable people here, hard to believe a place like this exists online lol.


Looks like it needs a dose of cal mag. I run into that often growing in Coco.

Would love if it was as simple as a dose of calmag! In my case it could possibly be ph related too I just have a cheapie ph meter looking to get a better one. Here’s what my ladies look like at 5 weeks from germ.


They look pretty good man. Just a suggestion bro. Mine had the curled up look too. I use fox farm nutes and gave it a double dose of tiger bloom. Heavy on the phosphorus.

Chasing issues always happens for me. Lol nerveracking. Makes us better growers gromie

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For sure, just wanna get the best product I can. My wife has compressed discs in her spine and smoking seems to help more than anything else, got tired of paying dispensary prices and the one that’s close to us is usually all dried out flower that just crumbles apart when you try to break it up. @Thatguyeli22 I’m curious how far along your girls are and how big? I’m wanting something to compare to for a fellow soil grow on this strain. I think I was underwatering at first and curious if I stunted them at all.

@BWoods my 3 girls in the 5 gallon pots are about 8 weeks deep. They just finished their pre flower stretch and they are about 20-24 inches tall each. The one in the 3 gallon pot is 6 weeks in and just beginning it’s pre flower stretch.

Hey…are you ph-ing your water and if so what at? Like stated above…give her some calmag.

Wow mine stretched wayyy early, tallest is 27” but not very bushy, others are between 20-23” and have a lot more mass to them. The tall lady is also maturing a lot faster than the others. Mine are in 2 gal fabric pots though :neutral_face: thought I had ordered the 3 gal and had already planted when I realized they were only 2 gal. Crazy how different they react. Not sure who highwayman420 was posing question to but I’ve been using a crappy ph probe trying to aim between 6-7, just order apera meter last night though so I can dial it in.

Looks like cal mag deficiency. I dosed mine every other watering from a seedling and worked up to putting it in every watering including with nutes. Was told early on that Fox Farms Ocean Forest was deficient in it and that it wouldn’t hurt to work it in early. Mine never developed any problems, but I’ve seen a lot that have.

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