Bruce Banner Autoflower Seeds

I am a first time grower, I purchased a small pot for pot grow kit. I went exactly how the directions showed to plant the seed, it’s been 7 days since I planted, should I be concerned that it hasn’t broken ground yet.

They can take a while. Here’s what I do and have not had one seed that didn’t germinate.

Soak seed/seeds in distilled water for 24hrs. (any cup is fine) Put it in a dark, warmer place.

Take about 2 paper towels and saturate with distilled water. Place seeds that were previously soaking in between the paper towels and cover. I usually put the paper towels on top of a paper plate. I put the paper plate (with wet paper towels on top) into an open gallon zip loc bag. Store in a warm dark place. After 12-24 hours, you’ll see your seed/seeds have tails.

You can now plant the seeds. Tail side down. Put them about a quarter inch into the soil, gently put soil on top of each seed. Water on top of the seed/soil. Don’t put a gallon in but don’t be stingy either. I keep a log on my grows. Typical time before the seed pops soil is 2-3 days.

Hope this helps!! After 7 days, I would gently move the soil around to see what your seeds are doing. If they have a tail, you probably just planted them too deep and it’s taking them a while to sprout. If they look the same as when you first put them in, follow my steps above.

PS - I personally only use distilled water for the first 7 days. After that, I start PH’ing tap water.

I guess this is important too, what type of light are you working with?

I’m assuming you got the seeds from ilgm? I have a problem with my ilgm Bruce banner as well. I tried 2 different ways to germinate them but I’m at a 0 out of 4 germ rate. All the other strains from them have been a piece of cake and grew into awesome plants. From what I’ve heard their customer service is great but I haven’t reached out yet

Did you guys get the Bruce Banner Auto to germinate? I’m going on day 3 of the paper towel trick and nothing yet. Those shells are TUFF. Did anyone scuff them up and then get them wet? that’s my next move I think… ThankS!!

Not me, I gave up and moved on to other strains