Bruce Banner Autoflower Experiences

Hi there. I will be growing BB autos for the first time and I wanted to start a thread for people to compare notes, stories, advice and tips about past and present grows. Anyone wanting to share their experiences, please post here. This includes from germination to harvest. Thank you in advanced!

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Doing them now, in the 4th week of flower.

Like them so far, little touchier than my last grow. Seems like they like it a little cooler and a bit dryer then others. Smells good, just hooked up the filter this morning.

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I’m in the 7th week with my BBAs. I’ve asked every question, even when I thought I’d look like an idiot, and had awesome people help me out with helpful advice. When I was learning about LST, what it was and how to do it, I broke Bruce’s main stalk. I freaked out, got on here and was put at ease when I was told about super cropping. My plants are outside, I started them with distilled water, then switched them to tap water with adjusted ph. I also feed them Fox Farm liquid Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom Buds & Blooms. So far, for a beginner, they look pretty good. Here’s my girl.

Good luck with your girls!


What kind of soil are you guys using? I am thinking about equal parts ocean forrest, coco loco and perlite. Would love to get some opinions of the mix!

Outstanding! Looks like you are doing a great job so far! Keep me posted, would love to see more pics as it progresses!!!

Wow, looks great so far!!! Keep me posted throughout! Would love to their progression!

What kind of light are you using?

I am building a 2x4x8 cabnet grow room. It looks like you have a smaller grow room as well. What are your dimensions?

I’m using FFOF cut with 30% perlite. Next grow though ill be using FFHF for the top 1/3 of the pot then FFOF for the bottome 2/3 cutting them still with 30% perlite. Basically 3 scoops soil, one scoop perlite.

I have a mars-hydro fc-3000 my tent is a 3x3. The mars-hydro sc-3000 would fit those dimensions. I looked at it before the one I got. I could gone either way but my ol lady liked the way the fc 3000 looked.

If you don’t mind me asking how often and how much did you fertilize you BBA with your Fox Farm products? I still trying to find the right amount and frequency without creating nutrient burn with this fertilizer. Thank you

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Those get really loud. Are yours topped? Leaf Septoria seems to Target BBA outdoors here.

I topped two. My other half and I have decided to top all our future plants. We had a couple accidental toppings in our first grow, that proved to be heavier plants compared to non topped. So we intentionally topped two this time around and I like the structure better and they look to be heavier. I also lollipopped them.

Thought this thread might appreciate this frosty BBA top!


Is this a recent picture? I think you saw my pics of bba yesterday(One girl is purple and the other has some purple). Curious what your timeframe is and harvest window and also what your experience has been so far or from past grows

Took today. Im coming to the end of week 7 from sprout. About 4 weeks into flower. I’ve not grown this strain anytime before. I have a purple one also but it seems fairly obvious she isn’t BB. I only ordered BBA. Can you take a close up of yours pls.

Back left.

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Banner #1

Banner #2

Here’s a gsc. Have 2 that are identical

And here’s a GG

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Those look fantastic!

Thanks, I’m fairly happy with them. Love the nice canopy on yours and the yield you’re gonna get. So you don’t think the purple are bb? I’m not very educated when it comes to the heritage of these strains or how many phenols there are. So if it’s not banner, what could they have sent us?

I’m not either. I am not sure what else it would be that they sent either. Mine is growing much differently then the other 3. She is tallest for example and not by just a little. You’ll notice the two plants up front are stacked on stuff. On the right, atop an empty pot. On the left a spare storage bin and drip tray. What you can’t see is the one in the back on the right is atop a stack of 5 drip trays and a wheeled plant riser. The purple plant in the rear left is not stacked ontop of anything. Just her standing tall. Had to lift the others to get into flowering distance from the light… Her buds are also vastly different many smaller buds vs huge colas. B.B.A. are known for their bulky, dusted buds so I figure she must be different. Yours look identical in bud structure and node spacing just one purple and one not. I Googled purple Bruce Banner marijuana plants but didn’t find any images that had purple buds.

Any updates or new grows with BB?