Bruce banner auto tips

I sprouted the Bruce Banner seeds about 3-4 weeks ago . This is my first grow and I’m wondering how tall they should be at this period. They are almost as wide as the pot but only about 8" tall

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I would typically like them a little taller at that age. What light are you using, and how close is it?


They are Vivosun VS1000 (Amazon) . I started with one because I bought a complete kit . After reading into it a lot of the reviews said it would only support the plants until flower , so I did buy a second. The light is about 24" from the canopy

Go to 30 inches :crazy_face:and see if that’s the sweet spot for a week , sometimes you just have to raise or lower the panel for enough time to noticed if the plants are happier or not doing as good . Light height throughout the entire grow is very important .