Bruce Banner Auto Short and Bushy

Thank you!! It feels like she’s really growing now. I actually would love some lst advice. I also just ordered these which come tomorrow. Pacific Dreamer Red LST Clips(40Pcs) - Low-Stress Training Clips-90 Degree Plant Trainer-Plant Stem Trainer, Bender-lst Clips for Plant Training-Low-Pressure Training

So I did Fimm which created the 4 colas, but she seems extremely bushy. Should I worry about starting lst while she’s in week 1/2 flower?

So in terms of lst would the idea be bend the colas outward to open up the center gap? Happy to give you any specific photos too I just didn’t want to keep photo bombing the thread.

Yeah basically. Then ill clean up the lower 2 nodes of each branch to direct the growth up top. Let it go for about another week and repeat until im satisfied.

Your pretty safe to do some minor lst work on her now. It will open her up and help produce more growth. Just be careful with her making sure not to touch any pistils doing it and dont tie off anywhere a bud will be forming. I wouldnt go crazy with it. Do a little and see what happens.

90° clips id have to say no too. Thats an extreme bend especially in flower. But then again ive never used lst clips. I use gear ties personally just because they hold shape, can be gripped onto about anything and dont cut into the plant. Something as simple as string works.

Something along these lines is what im seeing. Directing them as you gently coax the stem to bend but never bending enough to crack her, they loosen up after a little bit. You will get a much more even canopy and better quality bud.


Yes, spread that girl out to give light to all the big and just emerging colas!

You’ve got this!!!


Ok so I did some LST! I’ll admit I was a bit worried because of how thick the branches were beat overall they seem ok. I did end up using a few of those lst clips but it was hard given the late stage. I do think during veg they could be incredible

I think I opened her up a bit

Before and after

These are the clips


You should start to see major growth below those clips now. Im glad they worked out for you. Keep us posted on how it turns out. Oh and dont forget to remove those after a few days or so or she might outgrow em and grow around them.

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Latest update, definitely filled in where I opened her up. I took out some of the clips and tried to open her up more. Wondering at some point what I should do with the fan leaves as they are getting heavy in terms of fill.


Additional pics


@Ebb ahould I try and crop under the top canopy all the big fan leaves?

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I wouldnt right now. I would probably hold off on major defoliation until about day 21 of flower. That way she doesnt have to stop growing to heal. Autos have a very short window to get it right. My first banner grow i defoliated like a madman the entire grow because theyre so dense and bushy. But my second grow i held off till around day 21 ish and seen a major difference in size and quality. I would only remove a leaf right now if its either blocking a lower bud site and cannot be tucked out of the way to allow light in or is sick in some way.


If you took those branches and pulled them down level with the side of your grow box and tied them down you would see some explosive growth. Everything below the tops will think she got attacked and redirect growth to those lower nodes. Then when the tops turn back upwards and start getting taller than the lower growth. Do it again until about week 3 of flower or when you see crowns forming (buds) then let her go and most your tops should be around the same height. Then ill take wire, string, rope, gear ties whatever i have at the time to pull the colas away from each other if theyre crowding each other. And will pull any taller colas down the the height of everything else if possible. Always making sure to never touch the pistils, never tying off in a bud zone, and trying to stay about mid way down the branch. I find going to low on the branch causes a ton of tension and can potentially snap the limb. Too high and your in bud territory and the branch will bend down instead of flattening.

I have a Bruce Banner Auto grow going right now that ill be doing a full grow report on if you want to follow along for future grows. Theyre only a few days old at this point so not much to report atm.

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About 6 weeks behind here lol

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Day 10


Latest update. I ended up trimming some larger fan leaves to open up a few areas. I also did some more lst as well.


Btw being new at this I have no idea why if this plant seems on par? Am I doing ok? 67 days in week 2-3 flower

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Looking great for real. She on track and stacking nice. This is a very long flowering strain. Expect atleast 9 to 10 more weeks for full maturity


What light are you using btw, and how far are you from your tops and at what %

Thanks that means a lot. It’s always hard to know if I’m hanging in or doing well given limited experience lol.

The main light is around 24 inches or so from the tops.
GROPLANNER LED Grow Lights for…

I also added a wall grow light to add additional red light. I’ll add a pic later of the full setup

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Ok so that light should be about 16" above your canopy at 100%. It will push around 820-900ppfd which is around where you should be right now.

This app can help get you get the ballpark range your lights putting out helping you optimize her growth.

Thanks that app is amazing.
Here is current setup. LST is definitely making a difference


So the goal of Lst is to get all the tops at the same heights. So if one is shorter than the rest you pull them down to that level. If one is taller than the rest you pull it down to their level. The second one of the tops is taller than the rest of tops it becomes the main cola and gets all the juice. That why we level them out so the nutrients distribute evenly and we dont end up with one giant bud and bunch of small ones.

So those really tall colas you have right now are robbing all the nutrients from those lower ones you have pinned down. I would suggest releasing the lower clips you have on any branch thats lower than the tops and working on getting everything around the same height. Id also probably ditch the clips at this point and use ties. Theyre more gentle and ultimately you shouldnt be 90° clipping in flower on an auto. Its a ton of stress. I find using coated wire usually around 12g or 16g idr the exact size to work amazingly and wont cut into your stems. And just gently pull them down.

Wait i just seen your putting the clips on the leaves. That is doing nothing. The actual stem of the plant is what your supposed to be lst training not the leaves. If theyre too stiff to bend then leave them alone.

Here is an extreme example of bending a top down.

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