Bruce Banner Auto pre flower or flower

Bruce banner, what should I do during this stage?


Flowering nutrients are highly recommended at this phase.


Full on flower!


Good evening! Definitely in flower beautiful! :blush::v:


What are u feeding her what nutrients


She is so beautiful! I will be paying attention, I just got my Bruce Banner auto flowers

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My next stran to grow. I also have some photo super skunks. I love the skunk strands as well. The b b is some bomb.


Canna Bio flora and big bud as of right now. Just started her first feed yesterday @Tezza2

@Westoe my fav. Strain. So I figure I’d try to grow her. So far so good. Really easy, and forgiving strain for sure

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@Casa_Nova thanks. Looking forward to see how yours grow as well… I love Bruce banner :muscle:t5:

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Sweet thats great u will start seeing better growth

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I will also be running King kola and honey chome on my other Bruce banner. And compare the two results. I hear good things about emerald harvest products

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What kind of light are you running @Soso5

Viparspectra LED

Looking good you can tell she’s liking it as she’s popping rosin early

I agree. She is already sticky to the touch. And she is smelling sweet

Here is her today… #goingHulk :sunglasses:

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She is smelling Sweeeeettttt !!!

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Looking great! Got 3 seedlings and 1 in Preflower as we speak, your results are getting me excited!

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lol glad I could do that for you. I’m ready to drop more beans now!!