Bruce banner auto a bit weird

I have a Bruce banner auto in my grow tent that is growing a bit weird. It is in the 7th week and is around 12inches tall,

very stout and bushy. It’s really compact and tight.

Has anyone seen anything like it?

I am still fairly new in growing but this plant so far is the weirdest plant I’ve seen.

Could you fill out this support ticket and the pros will be here soon

Looks like a indica strain there normally very bushy and not so spread out ur plant could benefit from a bit of defoliation to allow more light in the canopy

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BB autos are short busy plants, if you tuck the big fan leaves and spread it out it will have little fat colas every where :grin:.
Looks good to me. .
My BB auto last grow had like zero spacing in the first 3 nodes, them limbs was just stacked on top of each other, got a little farther apart twards the top.
But plant was less then 2 foot tall and still gave me over 5 oz.


Was actually 10-11 inches tall. Gave it a good trimming today.