Bruce Banner and White Rhino


Not using fox farms this round. Using nectar for the gods.

Thanks for info thou.


But I thought notg line came with sfl 100🤔 then again I heard someone mention I don’t know first hand


Not the sample pack I got. It may thou. I bought it separately


@Smokin_ernie you are both correct it is a flush but it’s a microbe flush so it eats salts and other large particles in your soil. So be careful and watch your acidity levels use once a week if you are using lots of Herculean or there is a lot to break down you can use it every feeding just be careful. Don’t use it in teas it will eat all the food quickly. The enzymes secreted help break down bound up nutrients so that the plant can up take them.


And 2.5 ml is recommended same as sfl 100


Thanks I appreciate the explanation


@Usmcjojo since I flipped to 12/12 I throw in 2 capfulls of sfl which is about 5-7 ml per 5gal mix of 100%general hydroponics Flora nova BLOOM. Everything is happy

can u recommend anything on top of that dlto really translate to bud quality


Not saying that you are using FF. Just that straight from a company that wants you to use their nutes up and buy more, they say to wait - that’s all.


@fano_man ive been out of the synthetic game for a while try some mammoth p or gh floral nectar


Sorry miss understood you.


Hello and good morning. Another nice day in the neighborhood. The grow room is running a little warm 83-88 (two sensors in the room) working on getting it down without having to turn the AC on. Plan A get a cap for the T connection for the exhaust. Plan B only if plan A doesn’t exist but make a cap. Plan C vent the whole shed by exhaust fan built into the shed. and if all else fails I will turn on the AC.
The plants are doing fine with the heat they are growing nicely. The Bruce Banner is growing very nice it will be the biggest by far which hopefully will result in a great yield. The chocolope is small and probably should be under a dome for a little bit but it is plugging along. So watering tonight as they are about to go to sleep hopefully some pics to follow.


Picture time first went with plan B because I didn’t go to the store. Well we will see how that works.

Know for some of the good stuff.

Bruce Banner

White rhino

Then there is the little one chocolope


Well still running hot so the ac went on till I figure out the intake and exhaust system. I know I can get the temp down without using ac. Going to ad an intake that will take outside air in put it in work area where the intake for grow room is.


Where are you located bro


Ok so putting the ac did the trick. My main problem is the box I built had a ton of spot air could get out.

I taped it up best as possible but it was still allowing too much hot exhaust build up in the shop area there for making work area hot and that is where my intake takes from.

So this is what I did

So went with a sheet metal plenum with a filter at the furthest end. It is solid! Riveted together and metal tape all seams and any little gaps. It seems to be working already the way I had intended. What do you think? @Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj @Screwauger @BIGE @Willd @raustin


Nicely done.


Thanks lights just came on so we will see how it runs. I have a feeling it will do good


Eager to hear how it works for you. Very neat little build there @Smokin_ernie


With that set-up, you could also tie in several individual hoses as well, like if you had a tent for a veg areas or clones or something. Looks good!


Thanks it was a fun project and it works! The shop area is staying closer to outside temps. The grow room was about 78 for a high. I have to check this morning to see what temp looks like but I have a feeling it is going to be about the same.