Bruce Banner and White Rhino


Well, you don’t need to keep tagging me, I’m watching ya. I never do the tagging thing unless I have a question for someone. Don’t want to offend anyone by forgetting to tag them LOL


That is the most difficult part of running lights at night. I don’t have much will power when it comes to peeking in on them. :laughing:


It gets easier


@North_East_Newbie I have till 9 am to look at them so hanging out with them now but yeah it is tough not peeking


Weekend are going to be tough but I am up early so got plenty of time before lights go out. During the week is easier because lights come on a little after I get home from work.


All the talk about Fox Farm is anybody transplant into Strawberry Fields for flower or a week or so before that’s what I did that’s what I was instructed to do by Hydro Store dude


Myself I would not transplant at the time of flower. It sounds like a lot of work plus if you are using fabric bags the roots can grab on and get broken when removed. Why not just use bloom nutrients?

I also scrog my plants so transplanting would be close to impossible


To get all veg nutes out 100% garunteed


@fano_man when I was using fox farm I would do a flush with sledgehammer when transferring from veg to flower. If I am correct that is why they designed it to rid of nutrients and salt build ups. So you can start fresh.

Transplant night! Just finished putting the chocolope and white rhino in there final pots. The chocolope is a bit small to be going in but it needs to be done. I transplanted with mykos and azos so hopefully they will do something and help them grow a bit quicker. The Bruce banner and blackberry are doing great still got their round leaves and nice and green. At transplant and watering day so pH my water to 6.4 and then added SLF-100. The temp went up a little with turning on the 2 other lights. Still happy with it at 82. It ran all spring at about 84 so all good and besides the night time is cooling off so we see how things go. I will say that I do like having the lights ran at night. Plenty of time in the evening and still plenty of time in the morning.


To my surprise this morning temp was 88-90 yicks a little warmer than I would like. Turned up exhaust and intake fan to see if that will help. Didn’t want to turn on AC but might have to. Outside temps around 55. Oh well I get it squared away.


Since airflow is one of the major factors, I keep my exhaust fan on 24/7 and adjust everything else from there.


Yes same here 24/7 for fans. This will only be the second run of my shed build. I ran in spring time and was a little on warm side but still managed a good harvest. I not to worried yet it just a matter of time and getting her dialed in.


Yeah, even in my small closet I have switched the other fans from 24/7 to timer and back to try and manage stuff.

The humidity is another factor to get dialed in. Once you have it ‘in range’ your temp is also easier to maintain with less fluctuation.


Good point my humidity is low. I have a evaporative humidifier that should turn on that will help.


Just keep in mind that it needs to be relatively high during veg (like 70%) then tapering off to about 40% or less between the start of flower and harvest.


@Smokin_ernie I thought sfl 100 had basically the same purpose as the sledge hammer or can be used for that purpose… to prevent shock and flush salt buildups and. Also yea think of a radiator in a car volume of water is what cools the engine not the point of water. But more water cooler temperatures so therefore more air cooler temperatures in this application as you exchange the air you keep the temperature done of course you won’t be able to do CO2 really effectively without heat rising drastically but hey can’t have it all can we


I was the understanding it was used as aid in uptake of nutrients. On the bottle says seedlings and transplanting to use 2.5 ml. Maybe @Usmcjojo could chime in as he is the all knowing.


I checked with Fox Farms about their schedule, and they said their ‘schedule’ for nutes shouldn’t even start the seedling stage before ‘week 1’ until the 2nd set of true leaves is open and grown. so a little pH’d water before then as needed, but milliliters not cups.


It’s probably like clonex and bontone same ingredients different concentration diff manufacturer


You probably right this is the first I have used it. It was recommended to use with NFTG.