Bruce Banner and White Rhino


Ya, I’m not sure what will be best in your situation. My room was in basement and I never needed an intake fan. Just a passive vent that was open to the rest of the basement.


It works the way it is but just trying to improve. Passive air wouldn’t do the trick here unfortunately. Thanks for the response! I appreciate it!


@Smokin_ernie @dbrn32 is correct as far ss the static pressure
If noise is you concern there are quiter fans on the market but that would require you sending money

Let me look back and size up your space bud
Uou have just inder 200 cubic feet of space
So if you run 400 cfm exhaust tbe 200 cfm intake should be enough for you

Is there a issue controlling temp and humidity?
Your out in a shed if I remember correctly


Yes in shed. Control temp would be about it. It held pretty much the humidity in good range the hole grow. Noise isn’t too much of issue but it would be nice to be as stealth as possible.


Ok :ok_hand:t5: yeah 400 200 should work for you
Unfortunately if you pull hot air in the air temp will still be warm
What was your high temp during the grow
I also recommend running lights at night to counter access the heat if the day

Im in my basement and still need to run ac in the flower room ?

The infinity line of fans are super quite but they are pricey at 150$ but they are quite

Hey just a thought @Hogmaster installed a house attic fan
in his shed and he said it working out great for him
And he mentioned you dont hear it running they are pretty inexpensive and available at any home improvement center


The highest temp was about 93F but ran mostly around 85F. I did run the lights during the day which I am going to switch that and run them at night. So if you think of my shed there are 3 rooms in there. There is the grow room, then there is prep station/nursery room where the AC and heat and dehumidifer goes so that is the room I am drawing in my air for intake. Then there is the last room if you will the work shop where I have my tools and work bench. That area has a window and exhaust fan. Yeah buying new fans at 150$ each is out of the budget right now.


I payed 62 dollars for a attic fan with Thermostat that was attached to the fan delivered for that price


Well it has been kind of a touch and go situation for this upcoming grow but finally going to pull the trigger. I have a 4 - 5 day trip coming up in early oct. which didn’t have anyone to water. Well there is a friend that might help out but even better after voicing my concerns to my wife she said she would water. Boom problem solved. So still got some cleaning and what not but I might just have to soak some seeds tonight. I going to try and soak first and then paper towel if needed. I usually start straight into wet paper towel but the shells have been getting stuck. So thought I read on here that soaking will help with that issue.

So the line up is going to be Bruce Banner, White Rhino, Blackberry Kush and Chocolope. I going to do one of each that way to have a nice variety and it is about all my space can handle.


A step or two closer to starting. So before I started the question about a bigger inline fan for intake I had bought one. So that is when I had the question whether to upgrade exhaust fan or not. I just have to hook up the intake fan which should go pretty easy. I got solo cups ready with some happy frog. Set a timer or two and should be good to go.


Being woken up by your dog at 3:30am does has some advantages not many but this morning I took advantage of the quiet house and sat down and watch some ocgfam on nectar for the gods. I have the sample pack which is there basic kit and going to see how it does. I plan to also use recharge and slf 100 and some silica. Going with a feed , feed ,tea, feed, feed, flush schedule and will be using recommend strengths. We will see how it goes.


Oh yeah the journey is just starting. Dropped a chocolope, blackberry kush, Bruce Banner #3 , white rhino. Going with a soak this time instead of straight to paper towels. Last time I had a few seed shell stuck and hopefully by soaking will soften them up a bit.

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Good luck with the grow!


looks like a great start!


I installed my scrogging net today. It looks good I get pic tomorrow. Seeds still soaking and put them in a paper towel in morning if they haven’t cracked. Everything is coming together!


Hope they sprout quickly for you! This is going to be great. @Smokin_ernie


Let’s the games begin!


@North_East_Newbie @Covertgrower I just finished putting them into dirt. They all cracked and even a tail or two showing. That is the fastest I ever had them crack open. So we will see how long till they break surface.


Nice!!! I soak my seeds for 2 days before going into soil. Never had a seed that didn’t grow a tail. I got 5 Bruce Banner sprouting now


Tag? @North_East_Newbie


I haven’t started a journal yet for this grow, but will tag you when I do :slightly_smiling_face::+1: