Bruce Banner and White Rhino


Mine is inside I also have 2 auto and have no clue what they r but holy s they r incredible looking buds I guess I’m gonna get about ounce and half per auto got all seeds from ilgm great seeds just some were not what they were supposed to be that being said I love growing I look forward to seeing them every day two tents 1 w hps all bells and whistles 1000 watt use 600 of it other tent viperspectra 2 600 watt much cooler plants love led lights big difference between them


Nah bro you can start now it’s good to transition slowly better than an instant switch less of a shock.


What’s up good people that love pot. Did a little watering tonight with recharge and slf-100. Getting ready to flip to 12/12 most likely next watering will be early bloom schedule for nutrients.


Couple more pics first one blackberry doing fairly well this one has stretched but it is filling in.

Next Bruce banner

White rhino



Any tucking it in yet


Here and there. I spread the toppings and some LST. Did a lot with the blackberry I was lucky I got 3 main colas off of the topping I did.


Looking Great Ernie!!


A flowering we will go a flowering we will grow!! Just made the switch to flower on a 12/12 schedule. Today is day 1 of flowering it has been a full cycle of the lights so it is as good as any to start.

Ordered some more seeds to feed me need for different strains in a grow. What can I say I like variety. Got me some pineapple haze and OG kush and a great deal on 10+10 of blue dream.

Started on the early bloom schedule for nutrients. Added tritons trawl to the flowering which is not included in the sample pack. The size of the bottle of bloom kauhs I will need to pick some of that up but overall for the original 38$ I got the sample pack for I am happy with the way things are going. I was hesitant at first to not burn them but you can push the limits with the nutes. I am on a feed feed tea which instead of using a compost tea I am using recharge and self-100. They both are not fertilizer but enhancer for food absorption.

So the next week or so I will be tying down tucking and defoliating to get a nice even canopy. Make sure all the bud site are getting enough light.


Did some watering last night and was checking runoff because I haven’t in a while. So everyone was a 6.7pH but my chocolope the one that is looking the best was a 7.0pH mmmmm nervous yes or no? I plan to do a slurry test tonight to see what needs to be done.


Ok so I have a lockout issue going on. It looks like it is magnesium being locked out do to high pH last slurry test showed they were 7.1/7.3 I have watered with lower ph water to try and resolve the issue. Other then the pH issue everything is going good. Starting to see white pistils. They are stretching but not too bad. I really pushing the limits of the cob light and the height of the lights. I am about 14in from the top of canopy. Did some cleaning up under the canopy. I really wish I was setup to do some clones. It always kills me to have to take the shoots off and just toss them.


So what’s the plan to fix your lockout @Smokin_ernie??


I watered with plain ph water of 6.0. After 4 gallons on one plant and 3 gallons on another plant was able to get them down to 6.8/6.9 and that is from 7.1/7.3. I ran out of time to continue watering. The problem doesn’t really seem to be getting much worse. Last time I checked runoff it was 6.7 and thought no biggie then did a slurry test and found to be over 7 pH. Which all of a span of a few days this has happened. Plain to feed as normal but with a pH of around the 6.0 to try and get them a bit lower.


Oh cool, sounds like you know what you’re doing there dewd!! Just kidding but it is fun to see everyones skills improve and tackle stuff that used to maybe throw us a curve. Good on ya Sir @Smokin_ernie


Solved quickly due to help from the dank side :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink: it is quieter over there but I still got prompt responses and I acted quickly I hope anyways.

The strangest thing thou is I have not obsessed over this grow and it is mainly because of my depression I haven’t been into anything just the bare minimum of keeping afloat.

Yes I have come along way and it wouldn’t be for the fine folks here. Still learning and trying to increase yield and quality.


Magnesium really doesn’t lock out at 7.1 it’s more of a low ph problem


Thanks hmmm ok

This is what the top leaves look like.


Ok so I was just rereading so the lockout of magnesium could be due to high calcium and an excess amount could lock out the magnesium. The high pH is possibly the silica I am using.


Silica can instantly lockout nutes… silica should he added to water and let sit at least an hour before adding other nutes… silica first


Yes I agree looks like mag definition. On lower left corner


Silica might be locking out cal mag all together… but mad usually starts with lowers yellowing first plants can move mag as needed they take from bottom and put to top where light is more plentiful…second thought your in soil shouldn’t really do that to you as bad I wouldn’t think so. Precipitates out and blocks calcium as a hydro problem I would assume but dirt :thinking::thinking: @garrigan65 or @Donaldj can yall take a gander at this u all answer all of my Qs