Bruce Banner and White Rhino


I think I would be to nervous of overwatering issues by doing that


Well, you have to have a good, established plant to do that with a big root system that will dry out in a day.


Yeah mine I am still watering every 3 or 4 days.


My opinion slf 100 makes your good so redily available run off is over rated in my book I try to not have run off but then again I use slf in small amounts in every watering which is also a feed I don water without nutes ever don’t see a need to I have no issues so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it by I feed heavy every water too table says 3.75 per gal for max…and I use 6 ml per gal gh floranova bloom

! needless to say sample bottle has me sold on the product


If it works then keep on using it. Nothing wrong with pushing the limits as long as they take it keep on going.


You can plain water until runoff if I were you I would runoff once a week that way the plants are eating and you still flush the soil


@Smokin_ernie my best suggestion to prevent overwatering, is to use a pesticide sprayer, or garden sprayer. (Clean/brand new of course) a whole gallon per pot seems like a lot.
The sprayer is fairly accurate in the volume per second. It also gives the soil a chance to absorb it all at a steady rate. When in full flower, this will prevent the water from draining off to the sides and through the cloth pot. (If you have those) You’ll get a better saturation and better application without over watering.


trying to get some pics up and an update. so hold on.


So from the top to the bottom. First it is the blackberry kush. I stretched it out too much and now I am doing some lst to get it to spread out. It is a bummer because I really like this one. Next is the bruce banner and with the feedings I have been doing it has turned around is doing well. The white rhino is the third pic and it has recovered from the deficiency and the lack of nutrients. Lastly we have the chocolope Doing great probably doing the best out of them all and it is a week or more behind the others.


Just a couple shots of the girls. Top pic is blackberry on the left and doing pretty good spreading the branches as much as possible on this one. Do to it stretching I don’t have that many nodes. On the right is bruce banner doing well. Bottom pic is to the left white rhino recovered nicely from the deficiency it had which the conclusion was drawn as a potassium. Last chocolope and doing great. I figure another week or two and then I will flip the lights.

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So far I am liking the nectar for the gods. Good customer service and the plants seem to be liking it. being organic doesn’t hurt either.


i believe i might set up a screen in an L shape configuration like yours @Smokin_ernie
that willl leave me room to move about. great idea brother!


Looking good…


That net will be filled very soon!
Looking good SE


Hey hey what’s up? Picked up some tritons trawl to ad for bloom. Also be using bloom kahous. I will be doing a slurry test in the next day or so on all the plants. I think I will be switching the lights real soon. @Usmcjojo my next watering will be with recharge and slf 100 then I was going to start with early flower schedule for feeding. Or do I wait for the stretch before starting bloom nutrients?


Make sure to up the herc harvest when using the bloom chaos. I also had to increase the demeters destiny.


Cool thanks I did notice in schedule it has upping the Herculean harvest. The Demeter destiny say 1-2 tps and I was going to do the 2. So far they seem to be handling just fine.

I was just out in garden and did a little bit of trimming. Got rid of a bunch of useless fan leaves and shoots that were not getting any light and open it up to get some air flowing.


Does anybody have a co2 set up ?


Sorry don’t use one and can’t think of anyone that does


My Bruce banner is about 83 days old and she is huge I’m 5foot 9 it’s up to my chin huge leaves huge buds in flower 2 weeks now got soooo big had no choice but to do my mother nature thing 1st grow and they r beautiful all 11 of them :deciduous_tree::+1::notes:


That is great a buddy grew Bruce banner outside this past summer and he said it grew to over 7 ft. I am going to start flowering in the next week or so.