Bruce Banner and White Rhino


I thought she looked hungry!! That’s great service and great advice. Bob31 used to be really big on the slurry tests and he often rec them. Glad you have a plan @Smokin_ernie


Thanks buddy. I still will test runoff because it will give me any idea of what is going on with ph ppm and it feels more like scientific work doing that. Hahaha I am still learning :smiley::metal::dash:


Well I am going to feed her tonight when I get home from work. She will be asleep and I have to work so it will have to wait. Going to ad bloom khaus seeing it has some more potassium.overall not looking the best.


New growth looks good tho man so u should be good from here on


Thanks I keeping a close eye on the new growth. I thinking I will trim off the affected leaves.


Do a few a day don’t shock her anymore


Thanks and good thinking I would have just gone in and trimmed her right up.


It won’t kill her but u ll be like …ok umm did I pull the plug out on her lol she will come to a halt


Whether or not it was a good idea or not but just watered them while the lights were out. I got a green light headlight that works pretty slick. I figure the sooner I can get nutrients to them the better it will be. I even left the runoff to get soaked back up. I check after lights come on.


Quick update things look to be improving. They look so much better. Hope they keep going.


Good morning fine folks!! @Screwauger @BIGE @Willd @Countryboyjvd1971 @raustin @Covertgrower @North_East_Newbie @Capt_Seeweed @daz49 @Niala And all the other fine folks here! What an improvement the plants have made. They are starting to grow again. I am going to keep hitting them with the nutrients. Everyone is hitting the screen so I figure a couple more weeks then I will flip the time to 12/12. I am not expecting to have a super crop just because they were under fed but we will see.

I like the idea of doing slurry testing rather then testing runoff. I still may check it to get an idea if things are on schedule. Have a great day everyone!!


I may start trying slurry test on my grow.
Thanks for the insight SE!


At least try it. Pretty easy to do equal parts soil to water I used distilled. Mix let’s sit then read.


Just did a quick check in on girls and they are growing. That boost of nutrients has made them take off. Starting to tuck and even tieing branches down to help spread out the bud site! Going to let them dry out for one more day at least. Then it will be feed again.


So got me a question. Watering one that is. First I am in 7 gallon bags which I used to use 5 gallon so I understand that the bigger the pot the more water that is going to be needed. When it comes to nutrients I mix in gallon jugs. I feed the whole gallon to one plant. 2 of them have runoff and the others don’t. So my plan is to just add plain water till I get run off? or mix more nutrients and continue watering till runoff? @Countryboyjvd1971 @Screwauger @BIGE @Niala @raustin @North_East_Newbie @Covertgrower @Usmcjojo


If you add water your ppm go down


I am not sure but I see what you are thinking


I have the same problem. Sometimes I’ll just add plain water after I feed just to get some runoff.


Yeah that is what I am thinking


The other thing I like to do is water the day before I feed so that the soil is still a little wet. That way I get runoff from my gallon of feed.