Bruce Banner and White Rhino


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there was a lady on pod cast one evening that was a microbe guru…she was so matter of fact that i was able to understand her message… have you listened to pod cast?


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@Usmcjojo got a second for a inquiry? I have been hitting the plants hard with feeding. So i did feed feed recharge feed feed and this last time was just plain pH water. Wanted to check runoff and didn’t want any nutrients in the watering. The white rhino has a bit of tip burn. So definitely back off on that one a bit. The others are doing fine. PH average 6.4-6.6 of all plants and about 1100ppm. My plan is to water with plain pH water and see if ppm comes down or should I be flushing with the slf-100 and hercluclean harvest? Or maybe something else?


You have 2 options leave them as is and they will adapt to the high ppm but they will eat more in the future. Yet you will get bigger buds and have minor tip burn but worth it. Or you can flush and keep your ppm between 500-900ppm in the soil and you will have happy healthy plants it’s entirely up to you. I push my plants in flower but keep it happy in veg.


Thanks a bunch! So always confused on the term flush. I have always thought it was 3x the amount of water to container. Now to me that just seems ridiculous large amount of water to give a plant. Also to do that in the space I am in and I am scrog as well so plants are not moving and it would be 21 gallons per plant not happening.

So when I used fox farm I used sledgehammer to break up salts and would “flush” with that and plain water till I got to a low ppm which only took a couple gallons to do so.

Slf-100 will that make the food more easily available and breakup salts? Using herculean harvest will that help as well?

Anyone that wants to weigh in please do. I would love to hear what others think of the term “flush” a plant means to you. @Countryboyjvd1971 @raustin @BIGE @Screwauger @Willd @Niala @garrigan65


i used to flush gallon at a time until i got desired results…be it ppm or ph…
i cut some master kush clones the other day. finally got them potted this morning and i noticed they were trying to root in tap water…lol this strain has grown very vigorously thus far. i have very ‘‘high’’ hopes it will be what the doc.ordered…lol


The point of giving the plant 3x pots size of water it to strip built up nutrients out of the soil
I also don’t like the idea of watering my plants that much but can be done with out harming the plants
With that said what I do personally is stop feeding about two weeks out from harvest and only give my plants PH water well ( which has 330ppm ) until harvest time


I believe Slf-100 is a flushing agent similar to sledgehammer, so I’m not sure it will do what you want, they both break up the salts. I use Sledgehammer to flush because it takes less water and you don’t need the whole 3x.


Sledgehammer is a good flush agent and is on my shelf always and good point on not needing as much water when using a flush agent @raustin I forgot to mention that :+1:


The way the Herculean flush is designed is you do it once let it dry enough for another watering. Then check run off and give another Herculean flush if your not in range. The bone meal in the Herculean and the liquid limestone in ph up begin to bond and when they do they grow to large to be broken down by microbes. In the growing process they begin to bond with the excess nutrients in the soil tying them up and making them to big to be taken up by the plant. Slf is a flushing agent but in a different form it’s enzymes and microbes. These particular microbes and enzymes feed on salt in doing so it begins to release excess nutrients feeding the plant but you have to be careful it will turn your soil acidic in the process. Hope I answered your questions.


@BIGE that is what I have to do one gallon at a time. Nice going on the master kush.

@Countryboyjvd1971 @raustin I have sledgehammer at home and have it for last resort kind of thing. I didn’t think that sledgehammer is organic so that is why I haven’t used it or rather consider it. Yes I did find I had to water less with the sledgehammer as well.

@Usmcjojo Perfect on next watering I will plan to use herculean and see how it goes. Can I ad the slf-100 in at the same time to possibly increase absorption of nutrients? So far the white rhino is the only one showing tip burn. What is max for ppm with this nutrient line? I know fox farm I would push into the 3000ppm.

Thanks one and all!!


Yes slf is usable at any stage in any grow I use it at 2ml/per gallon Everytime I water and it made my nutes so redily available that the one time I did just water and epsom salts they were like hey where the hell is the food and looked like hell so to me I’ve learned that sfl a lil all the time makes flushes unbesecarry unroll just before harvest … I am feeding heavy like really heavy floranova bloom calls for 3.75 ml gal and I’m at 6 with no burn what so ever


I’m out of my league chiming in with you soil folks however; I have always read the 3x pot size in gallons to flush. I have 4 gallon pots so 12 gallons to flush. I have never done that and I have flushed my pots four times in the span of two years.

I am such a noob that I have never checked ppm or ph after or during the flush. I just run 5-7 gallons through the pot of non chlorinated tap water ph’s to the proper number. Following this “flush” I baby the plant ofor a day or two with less lighting, mild 1/2 strength nutes and gentle handling. Have always recovered nicely.


I’d shoot for 1100 or 1200 to push it to avoid buildup and lockout however; with that being said depends on the strain and individual plant. Just watch them a little tip burn is ok but avoid dark green clawing leaves. You can most definitely and should use slf in your flush just add it after it’s PH’d slf doesn’t like ph up


Thank you! I think I am starting to get all of this.


Update with pictures after work. So checking in on the ladies this morning and I have some concerns.

My white rhino is developing what looks like rust dots on some older fan leaves near the top of the plant. It has a bit of nutrient burn on the tips and may have to move light up just a little right now it is 21in from top.

Bruce banner looking hungry bottom leaves are yellowing. Last runoff testing was done on last watering and was 6.4pH with 1100ppm

Blackberry I let it stretch too much but other then a bit of clawing on a couple fan leaves overall it is looking good.

Chocolope is doing great haven’t seen really any issue with that one.

So my concerns are the white rhino and bruce banner. I will post some picture after work but for know my plan is to water with herculean harvest and slf-100 to a good run off. Which will happen when I get home. They are about to go to sleep in about an hour. Any insight would be appreciated. @Screwauger @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower @raustin @BIGE @North_East_Newbie @Usmcjojo


With out pictures we are guessing brother
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