Bruce Banner and White Rhino


What’s the size total, width, large and height, your volume space what…


ho lee crap @Niala

I have been wracking my brain. This may be the solution right there. I’ve got super duper negative pressure going on. Could bounce a ball off the side of the tent nearly literally. Thanks once again Al


Right sorry I knew I was forgetting something it is 4ft wide 6ft length and 7ft (I think about that) for height.



That’s what I trying to teach for months and seems to be lost in the the amount of “supports” try…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v:


So 162 cubic feet total?..

What do you think it’s happening when you throw half your 440 CFM,so, 220 CFM and you don’t need to exhaust humidity and temperature…

Aaahhh, ding, ding, ding… Wake up call…lol…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v::frog:


Usually, 162 cubic feet needs a minimum of around 90 CFM to properly have a negative pressure that will not interfere with the VPD, the transpiration needs of your plants at normal pressure… If you don’t have RH and temperature problems…


Awesome info thanks. I am a bit confused so if I am reading this right I am running to fast of speed for exhaust? I feel with the carbon filter and lower speed I would run into heat problems. Can’t one achieve an equal press with just adjusting the intake and exhaust. Sorry if I am not getting it.


Confusing is all that CFM differencial needed…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v:

Your active intake CFM as to be around half of of your exhaust CFM…

So, 45 CFM intake for 90CFM exhaust minimum and so on…

And take your cubic feet minimum needs in consideration…

If you have passive intake, your passive hole(s) as to be 3-4 times the size of your exhaust hole…

As simple as that… :grinning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v:


Ok got it! That makes sense now.


@Smokin_ernie and @Niala

Talk about confused I am so far in left feild you can’t even see me lmfao l’em not even going to say anything YOU GUYS got this one figured out thanks to @Niala. You are a blessing in desguiseç;


So turned up my exhaust a little so we see what happens.

This just occurred to me that it is the only plant that is doing it. So wouldn’t it be possible that all would do it? Maybe just the genetics. @Niala it is blackberry kush and grew it last grow without issues but new soil and nutrients so a bit of a learning curve as well.

Same plant just different pic.


That’s minimal clawing ,to little to jump to any extreme conclusions if the CFM helps cool but I’d say a little more nutes your not burnt you have something else going on maybe she wants need with them dials you’ll find a happy place make a little log of your adjustments


Thanks yeah it just started. I noticed so wanted to bring it up before It gets out of control. Also it is due for a feeding so wasn’t sure if I should feed or not. Or just water with plain water. So you are thinking I should feed this round?


I would your plants are healthy bro …vigorous healthy growth requires healthy amounts of food as the plant grows it can handle more food


Everyone is getting a feeding tonight just got to wait for the lights to come on.


Yeap, if it’s localized at only 1 plant, it’s possible by just turned your exhaust a little may only what it needs… New soil, new nutrients line that you’re not familiar with it and the plant reaction to it are also possible cause… Genetics also possible if it’s more sensible to environmental factors…


Well everyone got a feeding tonight. Watered just enough to get some runoff. The pH 6.5-6.7 and about 1000 ppm for an average of all 4 plants. They all are looking good. The blackberry is touching the net as well.


Hey folks how goes it? @North_East_Newbie @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower @Screwauger @Willd @BIGE @highcountrygal @raustin @Momtomask @Hogmaster and to the many more friends. The blackberry is touching net! And everyone is looking good. The Bruce banner is close to the net as well with in a week I would guess. I have to work on some pictures for the next update.


Just been delivering my arse off!


Picture update!
Blackberry kush

Bruce banner

White rhino


So I am happy that things are growing and progressing. Blackberry seem to be not as bushy as the last grow. Think I may have had might lights a bit high. About 24in and think I may lower an inch or two. Chocolope is doing great you would never know it was a week behind.