Bruce Banner and White Rhino


Thanks I am just a little worried about the Bruce banner the yellowing makes me think it needs nutrients but the wet soil and droopy leaves says it is overwatered. What to do?


Dry it out are you feeding at all


@Smokin_ernie do a slurry test I fear your soil has turned acidic. If so flush once with herculean and Aphrodite if you have it. Cut out your microbes, for now, skip tea days. How much are you watering? Try cutting that amount in half as far as volume. You will need to feed and water more frequently but your plants will respond better. After your soil is back in range I would microbe every other week. Also just a side note don’t correct your ph by going over 7 just keep feeding in the high 7s and once or maybe every other week water to some runoff.


I have been feeding what is on the schedule for seedlings which is Medusa magic Gaia mania Zeus juice and I have added silica. The past 2 watering have been to runoff which was 12 cups. The soil is pretty wet. I will do a slurry test. So if it acidic after doing the slurry test do I flush right then even if doesn’t need water? I would think I would want to correct it right away.


I checked this morning and it wasn’t looking any worse.


@Smokin_ernie yeah if it is acidic flush then and there remember in soil your reading on a delay. What you see has been done about a week ago just keep watching it.


Thanks I appreciate it and I keep you posted when I get out of work.


You could look into Optic Foliar ‘Transport’ , supposed to be able to foliar with lights on using this.


Hey @Usmcjojo just did my slurry test and I am on the high side 6.8pH. The ppm was a 75 which I am not sure that is right. I left the slurry soaking so I check it later. I gave it a stir and then took reading. I calibrated the ppm not too long ago. Oh yeah used distilled water for the slurry test.

The plant looked much better as of drooping but the yellow leaves might be a little worse. Just old leaves not too worried the soil is drying out.


So your good on ph just use less water and feed more frequently there just hungry brother. What kind of lights are you running?


Thanks running 4 roleadro COB 400watt. Space is 4x6 they fit in pretty good so it is one light per plant.


@Usmcjojo how goes it got a question for you? On my white rhino I am starting to see little brown spots thinking it is a cal-mag issue starting? Does the Nectar have a cal-mag or try another cal-mag?


@Smokin_ernie hey bro what soil are you using is it coco based? If it is up you demeters and Medusa that should help chelate some cal mag if you don’t want to do that (which I got tired of spending a lot on nutes) I recently started top dressing with uprising (roots organics) its a natural cal mag supplement it’s 2-1-1. I add it every other week up to 1tbl each time.


I am using nectar’s soil #4. I just started to feed them the early vegetation schedule so I am just introducing the demeters. They all just got fed last night and the night before. So they are due for a feeding next time watering. I also decreased the amount of water I am putting in each time. So I putting in 8 cups. Thank you for the help! @Usmcjojo

Going to check out the root organics stuff as well. Just checking out the roots organic stuff and they have a new product for cal mag. I am going to try upping the demeters next feeding if I see the issue progress. Then I going to see if the local hydro shop has it.


Sounds like a plan brother I looked into the elemental let me know how it works. I chose uprising it works great haven’t had any issues I usd to have issues late into flower but I haven’t had any.


So seem to be stumbling a bit off the start here.

As you can see a little bit of the clawing of the leaves. So I have read some stuff and it points to nitrogen toxicity possibly. I haven’t been over feeding at least don’t think so. I did feed feed recharge feed. The first two feeding were for seedlings so not to strong. The heat hasn’t been bad under 83 and the overwatering seemed to have dried out and ready for watering tomorrow. Now I know overwatering can cause some clawing but don’t think it is in the situation. My plan is to water with pH water to run off and check it to see where I am at. Just have to keep watching her. Any other suggestions @garrigan65 @Niala @Usmcjojo @Countryboyjvd1971


What is your Ph?


Last watering did only 8 cups so no run off but put in 6.1-6.3 which is recommended by nectar. The watering before was to run off and pH was 6.7.



And what’s the CFM of your exhaust fan, maybe too much negative pressure that triggers symptoms like Nitrogen excess…???


Hmm interesting my exhaust is 6 in inline 400 or 440 cfm and only running at medium speed. The intake is a 6 in inline running about half speed with about same cfm.