Bruce Banner and White Rhino


this has been working out for me as well @Smokin_ernie
i’m running 83f but totally acceptable in my book…lol
those babies will be huge before you know it!


Yeah @BIGE the other nice thing is I got all night to do whatever. Heck I am at work for the majority of time when lights are out. So it works out nicely.


Yes. I picked up the Roman schedule and am now using it instead.


It’s a much more aggressive nute schedule


Cool I going to stick with what I have unless some kind of issue pops up. Would like to get a handle on these before adding more. How many plants were you able to get out of the sample kit? I got 4 plants going.


I also have 4 and I’ve had to buy more herc harvest and Athena’s animas so far. Will probably need to but more Demeter destiny soon. Stated the nutes at week 4.


I’m guessing you could get a full Grow with 2 plants with the kit


What are you doing for feeding schedule? Myself so far I have feed feed recharge(instead of tea) feed feed. I have been watching ppm and will flush as necessary otherwise I just watch the plants and monitor ppm and pH and see how they do.


I’ve been thinking about that too. Not for temp reasons, thought that will be a bonus, but I’m old! :slight_smile: I wanted to start doing a foliar feed on the new girls, but that needs to be at or near lights out. My timer is set from 6am to midnight for the 18/6 - and I’m in bed before then LOL


I run from 5pm to 9am. I don’t sleep the best so I am up early morning or don’t really sleep at all. so I got plenty of time. Beside I am at work while it is dark and wouldn’t be in there anyways even if the lights were on.


I’m up early too. for no reason, just habit. And running 12/12 starting at 7pm means that I can do watering in the evenings, but that I’ll have a few hours after get up before lights out to do any foliar feeding or whatever. I never thought too much about it before, but other than gawking at them I don’t do much during the day anyway.


Good morning gang!! It is a nice 37F outside and the grow room is cranking at 79F and that isn’t even using the heat it is just recycling a small amount of air from grow room to work room. I am still contemplating adding an air intake to have fresh air come in. There is a about 1/2in space under the door and it is sucking in fresh air from there. So it is getting some air. I am thinking the new intake will help and regulate temps better. I have all the parts to do it but just not sure where to put it. Do you think it would be better high on the wall or low? IDK well anyways the plants are doing good. They are starting to look hungry so it is time to bump up the nutrients. Full throttle time to juice them. peace


Run a PVC pipe to the door with some tape to it and a ball valve so u can seal up for co2 in future if u want… Don’t need glue the will be tight enough fit just tapped together on the ground just a thought I came up with


Not a bad idea but I have not tired co2 and haven’t really explored that avenue very much. I don’t think I have a large enough space to really be effective with co2.



Blackberry kush doing pretty good a little droopy. Check out the topping I must have missed a small piece and now I have 3 new shoots.

Bruce banner a little droopy as well which I think it is overwatered. Starting to get a couple of yellow leaves and making me nervous. It was watered on Friday and the top of soil is pretty dry but down just a little bit it is wet. Going to let dry out. @Screwauger @raustin @Countryboyjvd1971 @Usmcjojo @North_East_Newbie @BIGE @Willd

White rhino doing well starting to take off a bit

Chocolope doing good.


Co2 is much more efficient in small spacers 1500 ppm can get as much as 200%accell


It’s a sliding curve above and below it goes down 1500 ppm is ideal


Thanks I haven’t really looked into using it so I didn’t know


Easy DIY homemade baking soda and vinegar bombs or a drip system drip vniger in a tube of bakin soda over your lights out time so u get a constant feed and blow it around with a circ fan but keep sealed beneficial in veg not sure about flower growth benefits I’ll will research and share finding if u want bro


looking good my smokey brethren…