Bruce Banner and White Rhino


Northeast USA


So just went out and temps are hanging at 78 for a high. So I got high while I was out there as well. The heat was on so time to start recycling the air heat from the lamps. Just some tweaking here and there.


lovely I used plywood when I did mine and silicone on all the seams before screwing it together but mine is a vac box around my filter that’s connected to ducts to pull and exhaust air from 3 spaces at once I would suggest a baffled vent. On the box so you can recycle some of heat if need be in colder weather far cheaper than a space heater running to reclaim some heat at times and with some degree of control


@Donaldj your definitely the handy go to guy I must say your great person to be aquinted with glad to of crossed your path here’s to stinky clouds in the future🍻


Whats up? Big night for the girls a little hair cut went for a topping. We will see what happens in the next few days. They are going quick. I topped the Bruce Banner and the blackberry. Both are really starting to take off. I was talking with my buddy that grew the BB this past summer and said it was around 9-10 feet. The BB and BK have gotten a taste of the nectar for the gods and they are doing great so far. The white rhino is slow going it is stocky and kind of small compared to the BB and BK. Looking healthy the white rhino is and due for a taste of the nectar. Chocolope is still plugging along again it is about a week behind the rest.


What’s up? Picture time!!

Bruce Banner

White rhino


Overall pretty pleased with the way things are going.


I know what you mean. My seedlings are putting along slowly, haven’t needed anything yet except adding water to the humidifier.


Yes definitely keep adding water to humidifier. The Bruce and blackberry have had feedings and so far they are liking it. Gave the white rhino it first taste so we will see how it goes.


Mine are about a node behind your bottom pic. And I was in a hurry for my last grow, my current ones get to take it easy.


looking great @Smokin_ernie


Little update. Both the Bruce and blackberry topping took. Can see 2 new shoots sprouting out. They seem to be picking up in speed in growth department. Even the chocolope and rhino seems to be picking up growth spurts. Waiting for lights to come on. Maybe watering and if I do it will be with some recharge and slf-100.


The gals look great @Smokin_ernie


Thanks buddy. They are really starting to take off. Going to check on things in a bit as soon as my wife gets home. Meanwhile I am playing cards with my 8 year old.


Looking great brother


thanks a bunch! So far so great. As of right now I am very happy with the nectar and the benifical bacteria! The plants just seem to be exploding in growth.


I’m loving the nectar too. Are you doing the Roman schedule


No right now I am using just the sample pack and the schedule it came with. I don’t have the schedule right in front of me but will post it in a bit.


That’s what I started with and ended up adding other stuff from the line. Kraken, Tritons trawl and bloom chaos are awesome stuff. The chaos is swelling the buds like crazy. It does make them hungry as hell through.


Is this what you got in your sample kit? I am also using silica and slf100 and recharge.


Well so far I am really liking running lights at night. It is 44f out right now and grow room staying steady at 77f and the heat hasn’t been coming on just using some of that recycled air. Got all the parts to put in an additional optional intake. So it will be used as needed and technical it is getting added for one of the reasons is it is fun to tinker with this hobby. Getting the environment just right is having to do some tweaking here and there.