Bruce Banner and White Rhino


Hello one and all. I am embarking on a new adventure and starting a new grow. I will be growing Bruce Banner and some White Rhino. At least that is the plan for now. I will be using nectar for the gods nutrient sample pack. First time with these nutrients. I have just started to clean up the grow room and shop. It has spark some interest in starting a new grow and beside the supply is starting to run low. Have a few more things to do before dropping any beans but soon.

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I’m signed up @Smokin_ernie

Eager to see your grow for sure


shoot yea @Smokin_ernie…that white rhino smells dreamy bro…
i’ll give you the low down as soon as i harvest that rascal!


Lmao for some reason when people say rascal it makes me laugh. Good luck with the grow and we like lots of pictures!


my gdad added this to my vocab long ago…lol


Locked & loaded.
Will be following along excitedly.
I want to grow Bruce Banner & am curious to see your success.


I seriously want to grow everything ilgm sells at this point. It takes me longer to decide what to get then to actually grow it. It’s worse than picking a Netflix show


i started with a mix pack because i could not pick just one…lol


Im on board @Usmcjojo is your got to for questions about the nutrient line he uses them exclusively
And i cant wait to see what you do bro :wink: :v:️ CB




Excellent! I want to grow some Banner myself. Im watching. Good luck with the grow!


Haha love it @Screwauger love little rascals I know the waiting is killing me to. We are in the middle of a heat wave so not much getting done. This weekend should be a go. I am doing some painting of shelves and bench top and walls. Want to seal everything up seeing it is all wood. Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 for the heads up! @BIGE @Familyman I was just talking with my buddy and I gave him Bruce banner and white rhino. I will get some from him. So got me thinking I going to grow blackberry kush and chocolope along with Bruce and rhino. Thanks @raustin @North_East_Newbie for tagging along. It is going to be a nice grow!


I just harvested two Bruce banners
Got 12 ounces dry off two plants :wink:
You going to enjoy growing them @Smokin_ernie and @raustin definitely give them ago
Happg growing guys and gals :v:️CB


Hahaha @Smokin_ernie Spanky was meant for @Familyman who said the word Rascal always cracked him up!! Not being impatient with you, you take your time Sir and get your grow going at your own pace!! We’ll be getting pleasantly buzzed over here, just lookin on!!


Great harvest @Countryboyjvd1971 Thanks and have a good night!! WTH you on vacation???


Hahaha nope heading to bed now buddy just checking in lol
Have a great night @Screwauger
Not a bad harvest at all brother im definitely not disappointed lol


HAHA :joy: no worries I kind of figured it in reference to @Familyman mentioning rascal.


Dang that is pretty sweet I be happy with that


Im sure youll do just fine brother


Looking forward to watching your grow bruce banner next on my list