Bruce Banner and Blue Cheese AUTOS

Advanced Grower - just first time growing Bruce Banner AUTO and Blue Cheese AUTO. I’ve grown Blue Cheese FEM before many times and love it.

I am at 44 days from seed in dirt and both look like they are starting **Week 5 of Flower **.

Inside Grow Tent using 600W light, 3 gallon pots, running these at 19/5 since the beginning and haven’t changed.

Any expert advice SPECIFICALLY to the ILGM Bruce Banner AUTO and the ILGM Blue Cheese AUTO?

  1. From what I am reading, the BB will be done before the BC, correct?
  2. Has anyone journal and tell me their flush days they did for each of these?
  3. Is the BC a hungry plant??? I am seeing that.

Thank you! Peace and have a Grateful day.

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Got some pics? And welcome!!!

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I’m running Bruce Banner auto as well… first time. I’m on day 28. They say 8-10wks. But I have 3 girls that are all in at different stages but all planted on same day. Weird lol


Not weird at all finishing time depends on which week the plant goes into flower which they flip based on pheno and temperament. So if you had 5 different strains go into flower at exactly week 4 they’ll all be done roughly at week 10-11( if they’re autos and your pushing 20ish hours of light a day)


That’s where I get confused - people don’t clarify with time frames ever on these forums I see. Number of days from seed should be a benchmark on AUTO’s. Is that what people mean by 10-12 weeks?

How many days from SEED/DIRT/TAPROOT would a Bruce Banner and Blue Cheese AUTO should I be targeting please. I am going on vacation and I need to time the flushing properly.

Here is why I am sounding alarmed (Experienced grower here). These plants are doing 19 on/5 off since dirt and are at 59 days. They look to me like being in WEEK 6 of a regular flowering plant.

They are in week 6 ish. Total days from seed is around 80-90 for a typical auto so you have about a month left give or take

Yes, I picked at 85 and 88.

I can tell there are two Blue Cheese AUTO PhenoTypes. I grew Blue Cheese non auto a lot and it was consistent, However, this is what I personally have come to figure out - and interested in people letting me know if seeing the same things.

Blue Cheese Auto - Pheno Type A (Blue Berry Dominant) 88 days/cured > 30 days

  • Grows big and tall, and fast
  • Needs heavy nutrients
  • Has Purple (blue) Buds
  • Has a berry smell
  • Has a more indica feel
  • whisphy large buds
  • harder to trim
  • grew to 42"

Blue Cheese Auto - Pheno B (Cheese Dominant) 85 days/cured > 30 days

  • Grows like a tight candelabra
  • Needs medium nutrients
  • Has more yellow (cheesey) buds
  • More sativa feel
  • tight compact buds
  • easy to trim
  • grew to 29"

BOTH PLANTS next to each other, same buckets, same soil, same date started, controlled tent environment, 19/5 light entire time except last week 17/7.