Bruce Banner AF

Full flower with brown spots on leaves.
Soil FF ocean, FF nutes, Silica & cal mag.
Water in 6.5, out 6.2 ph
Don’t know ppm :pensive:
Looking at some online pics & charts I thought magnesium deficiency? She’s under a Tmlapy 1500 LED with COBS.
Pretty far along, last cal mag didn’t seem to help. 1st thought it was rust but it’s not.
Any thoughts? Is it too late to do anything? Should I worry?

It’s calcium deficiency, your in flower so damage done can not be reversed but it can be prevented from getting worse.
Gotta knoe your ppm… Get a meter
Depp the silica no need in soil your wasting money silica is for hydro or coco, dirt is silica :smile_cat:

I want to know your ppm, have you been watering to 20% run off? If not then you need to flush followed by full feed and up the cal mag.
Then everytime after feed to 20% run off but with soil you shouldn’t feed every watering you’ll overdue it… So you need a ppm meter to read your run off and then you know when you need to feed.

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I actually noticed the beginnings of it on another. I have 3 now and just the one doesn’t show it. I’m ordering a ppm meter soon as I’m done with this.
I should have it in 2 days. I will check it and get back. Thanks so much. I’ve never had any other plants do this before. Of course I don’t usually do auto’s and this was the first Bruce Banner.

Actually …and anyone correct me if Im wrong but that looks like an over load of Magnesium. I wouldn't worry since your in the early part of youre bud stage.I’m not an indoor grower so what I’m saying may not apply to you but from my readings from others that’s what it looks like to me…maybe back off the cal mag a bit? anyone???

Neither, the brown spots give it away. It’s called Leaf Septoria and it’s usually followed by it’s cousin grey Mold.

Bruce Banner Auto seems to not have any resistance to Mold or Septoria. My Banner autos have both. They are a no grow in the Deep South.

My White Widows on the other hand have no issues with either.

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It’s not often I’m wrong but I very well might be on this one lol. Good eye @2GreenThumbs I didn’t even think of Septoria (my excuse was it was really late last night lol)

Since this is indoor there should be no issue with Septoria if airflow is addressed.
@Robbienew what’s your airflow situation? Do you have your exhaust fan running? And is it exhausting OUTSIDE of your house?

What’s the humidity and temperature day/night?
Do you have direct airflow on the plant it’s self?

@2GreenThumbs my Bruce banner autos (from monster genetics had no issues and I grew them. Multiple times hmm) didn’t know BB had bad mold resistance. But then again I grew them inside, and the genetics might have been different due to breeders. Good to know

I finally got the outgoing ppm, it was 955
I have fans running while lights are on. My humidity is about 55%
Here it is today

I’m kinda panicked and wonder if I should harvest early???

I looked at some pictures online. My plant has no yellowing, just the spots. I honestly don’t run a wet room. Only the BB has it.

This pic taken under the tmlapy light.

Here is the other BB showing same spots starting. It was only 1 I topped.
The 2 pictured here are a different grow space then the 1st.
Oddly I have just the 1 that looks decent with maybe a little nutrient burn on the tips.

I got it outdoors on all Banners. It simply does not like Gulf Coast Humidity. It’s a no grow down here in the future. Seems to Herm bad at the end too, even indoors.

If it’s not Leaf Septoria you have a potential excess or defiency of some sort, you figure it out yet? I have Ed Rosenthals book “Marijuana Garden Saver” and have found it very useful it helping solve these issues.

I wouldn’t harvest those plants early they will rock through it

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Remove some leaf material your in flow, defoilate

I also agree don’t harvest but thin them out!

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Yes! First thing I thought was possible septoria. Only because I have that on my plants. Its a disease, im treating mine with copper.

From what I’ve read, septoria shows up as brown spots with a yellow ring around them. It will spread to healthy leaves. If you can establish for sure that it’s septoria, you need to cut the infected areas out and spray with copper pesticide. Good luck

Don’t notice my thrip damage, please. Lol. I’ve been needing to spray but it won’t stop raining here

Updated pic

Does she look like she’s trying to reveg to you?
The room is on timed exhaust, but just 3 times a day at 1/2 hr intervals
I have 2 oscillating fans and 3 small clip on ones that I move around as needed.

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Why arnt you running your exhaust more? Plants #1 bottleneck is lighting #2 is co2

Doesn’t look like reveg to me