Bruce Banner 5th week?

This thing is a monster stem is bigger than a pencil , the question is would it be ok to remove a few fan leafs now ? They are blocking most of my tops which appear to be in early flower . As always thank you in advance .


If its a photoperiod plant and not a autoflower defoliate when ever you want with cultivars like this that have big broad leafs i will remove fan leafs so lower branches can get light as well!!


I meant to include that it is a auto flower.


I would remove any touching the soil :love_you_gesture:

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A lot of people suggest, not defoliating Autos… but i always did without issues… just don’t overdo it all at once. I believe you’ll be fine :slightly_smiling_face:
And ILGM Bruce Banner is :fire: btw!.. good luck


I have one at 5 weeks too, just starting to flower and took off.

I have taken about 5 leaves (no topping) which were blocking light. Other than that, Ive been trying to LST instead of cutting. Trying to invade her Runtz sister, who is a thick brick s—-house. I’ve named them Venus and Serena