Bruce banner 3yrs ago compared to this year

Has anyone noticed a difference in the strain from 3yrs ago to the seeds from
This year. The plants are totally different the one three yrs ago is more of a sativa
and this batch of seeds are Indica. Can anyone shed some light on here as to
what might be happening here.

Its called Genetics. Things change over time. The seeds you got 3 years ago isn’t the same as newer ones. Just like 2 seeds are never alike.


Garden of Green Super Critical Bud CBD was 25% THC and 23% CBD or vice versa. This was 2 years ago.

Now they are 21% THC and 17% CBD.

I ordered BB buy ten get ten. The germination rate was horrible. ILGM sent me 10 new seeds with same results. Customer service said they would compensate me on my next order. Out of 30 seeds, I got 8 plants. I realize that genetics can give you different looking plants. But these are crazy different. 6 are short and bushy, with 3 having light green leaves and 3 having dark green leaves. The other 2 are from the replacement seeds. These 2 are 5 feet tall after the stretch. The buds looked awesome, but somewhere there was a male flower or all the plants were hermaphrodites. I won’t have to buy BB seeds again. I will continue to buy from ILGM. Just weird results this time Fox farm soil and a SF2000 and a Mars Hydro TSW 2000 in a4X4 tent. Never did find any male flowers. Dillard1

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Crazy, I’m 10 for 10 with ILGM. 5 are BB auto’s.

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My first run with ILGM seeds was about like yours. Femenized seeds don’t have the vigor of regular. I have the most success in coco going straight into medium. No soak. I got lucky to find a great pheno in my first 30 seeds. 16 I think which germed. 12 popped soil. But I can’t complain. The Chocolope pheno I got, cloned obv, just yielded me 180g (this one was from seed. I expect her clones to be bigger, erm are.) from one plant taken early. ILGM does have really good photoperiod genetics. Just gotta hit the pheno jackpot, which isn’t hard. One plant in a 2x4.

Yeah, me too. I bought a mix pack from ILGM the end of last year that included 5 BB and none hatched. I started with White Widow and not one plant looked like another…and I’ve grown 8-10 plants so far from last year’s batch of seeds.

I’m of the opinion that today’s genetics seem to be very unstable from what I’m reading around the forums. Seeds rushed to market because indoor growing is at an all time high.

It’s not just ILGM, it’s all over. I’ve bought from 3 other suppliers with similar results. Every time you open an email from a supplier it has some crazy new hybrid they’re selling. When you listen to interviews with long to breeders they say it takes 3+ years to stabilize a hybrid.

Like I said, just my opinion, but when you hear a lot of these similar stories, it’s sounding more like fact.