Bruce Baner #3 looks good

My bruce bane r# 3 is a great looking plant. Week 7 my trichomes are cloudy all of them lol no amber some red hairs but not much. Should I start my flush or give it more cha ching and molasses and honey?


Seven weeks seems a bit early, I’ll bet she can go another two weeks if you’re not seeing any amber. She needs time to fatten up.


your plant looks wonderful @willie2397
i’m with @raustin,your plant needs more time…
see what a difference two weeks will make…lol
i was caught in a circle of having to harvest early before,and trust me it pays to wait!
vote @BIGE may bud of the month!


I just flushed the banner to i got the PPm down to 85 is that good 13days ledt?

Excellent, she’ll start to eat herself now, so don’t be alarmed if she turns yellow it’s completely normal.

So what’s a good ppm after flush in dirt

Anything under 100 should be good, I mean, zero would be best, but that’s probably not going to happen. Don’t worry, you’re good.

Thx seed pics soon

HELP I just flushed the hulk ppm was 54 then it fell over split some branches and the root came completely out the dirt so I put it back under the scrog in a 5 gal bucket of water ph at 6 and added a air pump hoping it will live the last ten days. SUGGESTION PLEASE

this was the second flush

You can’t leave it in a bucket of water, it will drown. I suggest you try to replant her into soil as best you can.


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THX RAUSTIN was not thinking lol put back in the same dirt new pot. the ppm was 54 before that and the water from the wall ppm was 39 so it’s going to be some clean smoke if it makes it lol

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Excellent! Now just try not to kill her before harvest. Lol

Just to let you know she died lol i must have done okay with the over flush it was great here are some pics


I had a blue dream out doors I am in the south so we have about 15 hours of light. So i pulled it and put it in bloom looks good it’s the biggest plant I ever had indoors I have been avg buds 6 grams like the picture. I heard that buds will get bigger if you cut the tops of them I did will that help

It’s been in 12/12 for ten days growing fast


what do you think of the blue dream and what I did to it ?

Help is it male or female Fruity pebbles from the dutch 2 months old just put in bloom

this a fruity pebbles from the dutch 2months old just put in bloom

It looks like male but it could be hermaphrodite