Bruce baby trichomes



Looks good can you share a whole plant picture and a tricomb picture of the bud not the sugar leafs?

Ps really nice pictures you using a tripod?

ill try


She’s a big girl. Lol okay let’s try another bud shot so we can see the pistils /hairs

usb microscope hand held


This is a Bruce banner I take it by the title.

Plants looking good, your looking for a true sativa high I take it also. You are close to harvest. Still a bit more clear then I personally would like but keep sharing picture it might only be a week give or take a few days away from harvest.

The more pictures the better idea we will have.

Well done, nice plant I would be proud to have that in my yard.

105 mm micro good sometimes lol.shes about 7 feet tall.she has a sister just as tall but way behind in bud development

on the right and a runt in the middle.i didn’t crop the middle one but she grew like that.

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not one soul has seen them!just you ilcm’s!

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You look like a true farmer what crops you growing back there.

Well thank you for sharing, they sure are beautiful.


soy beans

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That’s a good crop.

Here in Canada you can grow hemp now to and we have new processessing facilities, so people are starting to put it into the rotation.
The seeds and flowers are separated from the stocks, stocks are spun into bales, seeds are chopped for food, and the flowers are pressed for cbd oil.
Good drought resistant crop