Bruce and crystal in the dirt


and my runt…she made it and is packing on some weight…


my garden crystal…grew on mega crop…not real happy with this but it done ok…made my squash grow like crazy


@Sittingbull64 - Wow :star_struck She is Incredible !!! I grow outside and in the ground, I’ve been reading your journal for a couple of months now, I have learned so much , Sorry about your termites but congratulation for reaching “10 FEET”



Hang a hoop off that sucker, and let’s get a game going! :basketball: :joy: Awesome, brother! :v:


awesome work @Sittingbull64


Mighty fine specimens


yes they do, mine were 7ft in a pot


They all look really good @Sittingbull64 Its all up hill from here! lol


Thank you @MBgrower…hope your grow turns out great


All up hill from here my friend! Lmao…think I’ve heard that one before @Sasquatch


Go runt, go!




royal cookies. Sugar sweet



It’s been a long hot summer and I’ve been lucky as a outdoor grower to have dodged the dreaded bud rot that got so many others, @Sasquatch @DoomSack, hate that for you guys because I know ya’ll worked like hell the same as I did


All of your girls are beautiful. OMG that one crystal is a monster! Happy to hear runt stuck along.


sweet site right there


Dang I did’nt see that @DoomSack got hit with it too! sucks
Its amazing how much of a difference there is in weather between here to your side of the mountain


Yeah it is a lot of difference between us @Sasquatch. I damn sure hate you lost all yours, they were awesome…