Brownish spots on autos

A question from a fellow grower:

Hi sir . I am at week 4 of my 2 vast 2 fast autos and I’m getting these brownish shots on my leaves. I’m using simple things to grow . 450 watt full spectrum LED Miracle-Gro 6mo soil and bottledwater .

For the 1st week or 2 I was using 4 tables spoons of brown sugarto every gal of water then I went to just water . I have 4 plants. Please help …

Quit using brown sugar. Do you want every bug on the planet to invade your plants?

Buy some Liquid Karma. This what I use for seedlings, clones propagation and plant stress.

This is going to get your plants healthy and off to a great start,

Once plants are healthy and performing in the veg cycle; Yuo need a good nutrient line to grow, mature, and flower your plants. Let me know if you would like a recommendation as to which nutrient will fill your needs.