browNirmal? normal?

I’m new to this and am not sure what I’m looking at.
I harvested a washed the plants last Friday. Dried them in a 60% humid room for 9 days.
Is this browning on the buds normal?

It’s bud rot, junk it and search everything else.
Also don’t touch it then touch to her buds, every time you disterb it spores go everywhere that are tiny and you can’t see. Wash your hands and handle everything very carefully or it will spread over time.

I’m not seeing definitive bud rot. Break her open. Where the calyx meet the stem is the only way to definitively say it’s bud rot. Weed comes in all colors. You’ll notice when you break the tip and break the brown part if it’s bud rot. It’ll be an extremely apparent difference. I should’ve documented better when I had it, but it’s easy to see once you break them anyway.


I’ve seen bud like that in a recent Super Skunk. I know bud rot and that does not appear to be it.

Break it open and show us a picture.

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Oh forgot the point Nicky was making. Grey mold (bud rot) has extremely active spores. Because of this, it’s actually omnipresent. Whether it’s on a level you can see or not. This is why it’s very important to keep environmental factors in check to the best of your ability. It’s always around, doesn’t mean you have to give it a breeding ground. Without a breeding ground, even though it is omnipresent, it’s mostly harmless. It’s when it finds somewhere to grow it becomes a problem. And on the real note. Unless you are sensitive to it, after washing with peroxide, there would be no harm in smoking it. If done correctly. But not something I’d risk. Especially since I have a lot of allergies.

That’s just biology 101… If you kill (H2O2) and wash away (H2O) the spores. They aren’t there anymore…