Browning of sugar leaves- Nute burn/ light burn?

Hello @Covertgrower Super busy these days. Was able to finally get a pic or two to show what I was referring to.

As with @pogo plant above, I have noticed the serrations turning slightly upwards.

Lights too intense/low, or ease up on the nutes?

Always appreciate the time and input.

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Not seeing anything out of place. Looking good!

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I have some leaves that look like that also on my plants that are doing well. Didn’t think it was anything to worry about but good to know. Time to watch those buds start packing on some weight.

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Very good. Thanks for reassurance @Covertgrower :+1:

@pogo Keep updating. We are almost twins! I’m on day 58 from breaking soil. Almost 5 weeks flowering.

Continued success.

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Finally found a picture that looks like my problem. Boron deficiency. Will update when I have a plan. @PP3121
Boron deficiency

Have not heard of Boron issues before. I looked and saw that Manganese excess can present in a similar fashion.


Although, the Boron images look very much like yours.

Curious to see what others say.

@PP3121 Made it thru. Problem didn’t get any worse but still had what looked to me to be nute burn to the end even after the flush and no more feeding. Day 79 and harvested. Quick dried a bud 2 days ago and tried out, was excellent. Had some amber trichomes at the top of the plant but most of the rest weren’t showing any yet but a lot of cloudy.
This was in a 10 gal. pot and LST. 22 colas. Not huge but I’m happy. Hope your grow is going well.


Sorry - Life!

That is outstanding! Look like some mighty nice buds.

Now, what I think is the hardest part - waiting on the cure! When I first grew, I didn’t even know about that aspect. After so much time, to have to wait even more was hard, but it is crucial to the best possible bud.

Job well done.

Most importantly, when is the next brow beginning! :laughing:

@PP3121 Know what you mean about life. Am retired so have more time to deal with (and stress out about) growing. Still have 3 more plants in this grow, one probably 3 weeks from harvest. Just do one grow a year to fulfill our medical needs. Hope your current grow comes out great. Thanks for the help on mine.

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Hey, I’m sorry to re-open an old thread, but I am currently going through the exact same issue as we speak. I figured it was light burn and I’m in late flower with a couple of weeks to go. Also the plants have lost some of their smell and have lost some oil and trichomes. What was the result of this, did they recover?

Thanks in advance

Hey Drewincincy, I don’t know if you could say they recovered they just didn’t get much worse. The pic in the thread with buds on the table was just that one plant. It was not as much as the other plants but not bad. Potency was good. The pic of the leaves with problems was 2 weeks before harvest(day 65). The next watering I adjusted feed rate some to boost boron availability and uptake… Don’t know how much difference it made. This plant got harvested at day 79. At that point it was 60% clear and 40% cloudy trichomes with just a few ambers. My Checked my grow log and this was what I did.
1 Gallon Start pH 6.8. ppm 31
Cal Mag 5 ml/gal= 5 ml. Ppm now 220
Molasses 1 Tbsp. Ppm now 270
Easy Weed double dose 2 x 1/4 Tsp. ppm now 370
Liquid Seaweed Extract. 10ml/gal. Ppm now 410
Tiger Bloom 8ml/gal ppm now 930
Adjust pH to 6.0 because boron likes lower pH.
Hope this helps. Before I harvestedI did a quick dry and the potency was good so I thought better safe than sorry and went ahead and chopped. FYI My quick dry is putting a bud in a paper towel tube and letting a blow dryer blow thru it on low from some distance away. Just want a little warmth and air flow. Usually takes 6 to 8 hours. Not perfect but it does give you an idea of potency… Good luck. If you have time let me know how it comes out.

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Thank you, yeah I am debating harvesting now. Strange part is I am at about day 77 so right in the same boat. I think my mistake was adding a dehumidifier to the tent to keep humidity low. Weird part is I was at the same height and distance for weeks but I’m guessing the humidity was not right for the temp and distance…?? I will give what you said a try, just don’t think It has time to recover.

Thank you for your time and answering an old thread you probably don’t like to think about lol.