Browning leaves and pistils? What is wrong please?

I planted the first of May. I had yellow leaves so I added Calcium Nitrate to my water. Had been using Fox Farms Bloom booster. I grew in soil outdoors.

Pistils will brown with age.

Darn I cut them down because I thought there was something wrong with them. If I cut it down too soon will I still get any results from this weed? I’m hoping it just won’t be as strong?

If you’ve already cut it down without the bud maturing I’m pretty sure it’s not worth anything. Piece of advice; do your do diligence on research!!! You have a computer in your hand with access to EVERYTHING, use it, read articles, look at pictures, read instructions!! Read up on the strain you’re growing. There are articles and grow journals for pretty much every strain; I have the 8 tips to growing my particular strains and read them every-time!
I’m not sure of something. This will be my second Grow, and for experience, I’m reading everything I can. I can’t stress enough the importance of research, you will save yourself, in this case your crop.


Harvesting too early can give you a twitchy anxious sort of high that doesn’t last very long. Tough to say without looking at the trichomes. But definitely look into some information about how to tell when it’s harvest time before you start your next run. It’s a lot of time, and effort, to chop weeks too early.

Hopefully you still enjoy your product. Good luck.

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I don’t know what to say. Browning pistils is a sign of approaching maturity.
If it is a photo, you can reveg the plant and start over. If it is an auto, start over from seed after following @Chopps instructions.

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From the pics you are showing I don’t necessarily think “it’s not worth anything” It just wont be as potent or to its full potential…but is still worth a try…Smoke it buddy Let us know whats up!!


I agree with @AL_GREEN
I would dry and cure and hope for the best

After all the nurturing you have done there’s no way I would just toss it out

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Yup! At least if you are not wanting to smoke it you can make some edibles or whatever out of it…Hell give it to your friends and neighbors @ the least…


Yeah mmmmm edibles

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Looks fine, don’t stress, smoke and relax…

Happy gardening