Brown/Yellowish spots on leaves

Can anyone help me identify what might be causing these spots on this plant. It’s been growing for about 2 weeks now.

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I reckon that is calcium deficiency ,what are you growing in? :thinking:


Try to dig as much of that starter pot out as you can without damaging the plant. Those thinga dont biodegrade very fast and i bet your roots are blocked and locked out from expanding. Next, how old are your plants? Are you using nutes? Lighting? Strain light cycle? @PharmerKush


Right now only using FF ocean forest. I’m going to look into making my own soil soon but I hadn’t gotten there yet with these seedlings. I’ve got Cal Mag, do you think that would help? Thanks for your help. :blush:


Gotcha. FF is usually a little hot for seedlings. I wouldnt use any nutes period for at least 3 weeks if not longer. I would remove that starter pot def though. I would invest in a ph meter and TDS meter ( checking ppms runoff ). Your water ph needs to be around 6.5 going in. Checking your runoff ph and PPM is detrimental with any indoor grow especially using loaded soil. That way tou can track how much your ladies are eating and when they are hungry. Your ph needs to be around 6.5 for your roots to be able to uptake nutrients. Edited, also when watering, water in a circle around the plant, that way your root system expands going searching for water. @PharmerKush


I agree with Chitty :+1:


I just upgraded my ph pen from the junky one I got off Amazon for about $12. Thanks for the tip on watering in a circle, I’m going to give it a try.


Possible water/nutrients splashing when feeding.

Me too 100%. If you’re using ocean forest you shouldn’t feed anything but cal mag for the first month. You’ll know exactly by testing your runoff numbers ppm. Theoretically ocean forest is suppose to be enough nutrients for the veg cycle. I use to use it and didn’t need to feed until almost flower. Good luck brother , I think it could be nutrient burn if you’re feeding ff on top of the nutrients in the soil. Try the cal mag and see how it reacts. What ph are you making your feeding water?


Also make sure you’re watering to runoff.

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