Brown Wax / Is My Plant Curling?

My plant here sprouted on 4/20 :hugs: she ( or he ) has been doing good, until today I realized he/she is “curling” and notice this brown stuff forming inside the cup as you can see. I touched a little bit of the brown stuff and it’s very sticky and has a sweet smell to it. I would like to know why is my plant curling and what is this brown stuff? Thanks

Welcome to the forum what type of soil r u in? Doesn’t look like it has alot of perlite in it.

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Also curious about the drainage myself.


Leaves are twisting a bit from excess nitrogen, in the rich soil you have. At this point she will stall a bit, and develop more roots. She will be okay with the rich soil.
Also, make sure there’s holes in the bottoms of the cup for drainage. Wouldn’t want you kill it by flood. @iiSativaii

Thank you for having me! The soil is Miracle-Gro Organic Performance ( Black Bag ) I know, not good. Just received my Fox Farm soil. If she makes it through this seedling, I will be switching her over to the Fox Farm.


There’s holes in the bottom of the cup.

Thank you for your kind reply and advice. There is holes in the bottom of the cup.


Welcome to forum! I would guess it’s over watering a little too. Try to get some holes in side of cup near bottom too, several of them.


Thank you for having me! I’ll add more holes and keep a closer eye on watering. Thank you for replying :hugs: