Brown tips on leaves

Seeing the tips of the leaves getting brown, also large lower leaves getting lighter or yellow

I assume this may be normal?

About how much longer until this is ready to harvest?


I would recommend getting a jewelers loupe or microscope to check the color of trichomes. You’re looking for cloudy, milky, or mostly white. Be sure to check the calyxes. (Flowers not the leaves) there’s still a few white pistils in there, I would give it some more time. Good looking plant though!

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It looks like some of he trichomes are starting to get brown, so time to harvest right?

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Needs more magnification to verify…

I think your looking at the pistols being brown the trichs are actually the crystals on it. Can’t tell completely from that but they’re looking milky a little

From these pics you still see a lot of white pistils so try another week and recheck