Brown streaks in leaf

I have 2 orange og (not feminized or auto) that have had this issue for some time. They are in a 3x5x5 tent with 300W led Bloomspect lights. They have been transferred from a seed germination to a 2 gallon pot to a bushel basket. One is in Fox Farm Ocean and one in worm castings and jiffy potting mix. They have had no other fertilizer/nutes. Feed distilled water or tap water (left out overnight to dispel any chlorine). Lights are on 24/7 with a 6” exhaust on 15” every 2 hours to move/exchange air. I’ve done what I can do and am looking for advice!

I think you have a pretty bad potassium deficiency. They need nutes.


I just watered and mixed in some wood ash to see if that helps.

The FFOF is probably depleted, so it’s time to feed regularly. Also what is your Ph? Make sure the nutes are available by having your Ph around 6.5.

FFOF is new as we just transplanted on Monday. Room at a consistent 74-77 degrees with 50% humidity.

I haven’t PH’d once (yet) so I don’t know. What I do know is I won’t have any money for a week to do any more improvements.

If your soil is new then you’ve got a ph problem. I understand you’re on a budget, but you can’t fix this issue without a ph meter. Here is a cheap Ph meter I would recommend.


@Strokeman definitely a potassium issue … @raustin has given you some pretty good advice … good luck with your grow


It’s really funny ,as I’ve had more time to catch up on reading this afternoon I see that your advice is on the money!

Any other common rookie mistakes to look out for??

Plants are approaching 7 weeks, even though they aren’t correct height wise I would think it’s about time to 12/12 schedule. What do you think??