Brown spots with leaves becoming brittle

My white widow auto is developing brown spots on the leaves and are becoming brittle. I can bend them and they would break off. Lights are about 18 in. away. Don’t know how to insert pics yet. I’m a beginner with my first crop of five. Only one so far is becoming brittle and spots on the leaves. Other ones seem fine for now. Thanks for the tips and info

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Uploading: 61091E96-7890-4BCD-92C9-F94630A16AFA.jpeg… Uploading: E44A1927-3E8F-48EE-AB73-6B1B0EE9B03D.jpeg… Uploading: BF2A94EC-6F15-46A1-8B67-00B5B3A6D3BD.jpeg… Uploading: E9AD3285-06C3-4460-9A02-49A28577D842.jpeg… Uploading: BC6648AB-87AA-41D8-9837-EDD17C3D7870.jpeg…

White widow auto from ILGM organic soil in pots, water 6.0 ppm na temp day 82, night 72, in pots organic soil indoor water 6.0 bps lights 600 and 400 bulbs,humidity is 40 day and 45 night has ac to cool in day indoor grow humidifier

Looks like you just about had the pictures up. Wait until the files complete upload before hitting reply and you should be good

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What “organic” soil are you using? Are you supplementing with anything? What water are you using? How are you measuring PH? How far along in flower are they?

I’m using pro mix with added perlite. Using ILGM fertilizer, filtered tap water with added ph bal. to around 5.5 to 6. It’s 4 to 6 weeks into flowers.

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Hopefully using a digital PH meter and not a 3-way meter: worthless.

5.5 to 6.0 is too low for Promix (I use it). You might bring it up a bit.

If you are 6 weeks in flower you may expect deficiencies to develop including brittle leaves and brown/purple spots. Yellowing too.

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Oh boy I’m using a 3 way. I’m glad it’s nothing serious. The rest of the plant looks good. I thought I might of burned the leaves. I’m gonna get a digital. Thanks for the info :pray:

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