Brown spots today only this one

Checked the ladies this am … found these brown spotted leaves ??? Thoughts ?? I’m on my 7 week of flower??

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Looks like it’s either a calcium def. or the very beginning of a phosphorus def I’m leaning on phos since instead of brown spots it looks to be in the veins… what are your feeding PH- in and out, TDS readings in and out? How is she being fed?
Kind of nutes being used?
And input output numbers should beable to decipher which one it is.

Thank you for the quick reply… honestly I don’t know the ph or input and out put numbers, this is my first grow and I’m keeping it simple , was only using miracle grow and tap water and sun since they have been outside no nutes… after finding this site and reading all the help here I realize there’s more of a science to it … I ended up with a bunch of bag seed some good strains … and said why not try it … next grow I’ll be better prepared … sorry for the lack of information … I understand I may get limited answers but anything will help . Happy Friday

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No worries man that’s fine everybody has to start somewhere, I only recently started growing indoors and learning all of the science behind it for years, we used to just go and plant a few hundred seeds in the ground water once a week if we had time and let them do there thing and yeah potency was rarely any good and seeds a million haha… but it was a good place to start and because of this forum I have a good understanding on the plants biology and soil science as well! And yes I’m sure with ILGM at your finger tips you will be growing fire in no time alls I gotta say is read read read and ask questions! Honestly that plant is in MG soil it’s doing pretty well I’ve used it and came out lucky but that’s a tricky soil to navigate haha I’m willing to bet the deficiency showing is one of the 2 I stated before if it worsens feel free to update this thread but ide imagine PH is a little out of range for either phos or calcium

Awesome thanks man …,how are the ph testers they sell at the box stores ? Good enough to get a fair read on ph? Someone also recommended a tds tester

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So cheap TDS meters work fine just make sure they are digital, but I wouldn’t go cheap on PH meters the “3 in 1” light meter,ph meter, moisture meters you buy at like Home Depot are trash… the moisture meter in them works good though… for a PH I have an apera instruments it’s like 50 bucks but it works great! Comes with calibration solutions and all that jazz bought mine from amazon… the cheap yellow PH pens work but they have to be calibrated pretty much every time you use them they like 8 bucks or something that would get you by with calibration solution for a while but most would say buy a good one it’s worth not having a head ache over. Some people use the test strips or fluid test kits and they will get you close but a digital meter is worth its weight in gold

Awesome thanks I’ll get a good one online and just something to get me by for now they are supposed to be close to ready like 2,weeks I think ? Watching the tricomes with a loop … thanks for the advice

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If you can find one of these at a big box store it will get your by until you can get a good ph pen

Yeah and whether they are ready or not is all up to everybody has an opinion but comes down to how you like your high
Most wait for absolutely zero clear trichs and like 20-50 percent amber I generally pull mine about 10-20 percent amber and all cloudy I just don’t want any clear trichs at all but I like a good uplifting high and not to much couch lock
Edit: if your not too sure always give them more time way better to be over ripe vs. pulling to soon! Sounds like you have a good handle on that aspect!

Hahaha I’m looking now … I’m no pro but I did stay at a holiday inn express last night :joy: