Brown spots starting to appear

Hi to all fellow growers,
I’m new to growing & this is my first attempt at DWC growing.
I’m hoping someone can help me diagnose what’s starting to happen to my 2wk old purple haze. Brown spots have started to appear on the lower leaves, I’m running at 500ppm, water temp 68f.
I’ve read that it might be calcium deficiency but don’t want to start adding more nutrients till I’ve probably diagnosed the issue.pic attached . Thank you in advance for any help I can get.

Looks like a calcium def

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Sorry I have no DWC experience and cannot help. I am sure some great growers will jump in soon to help you.

Thanks Tezza I had feeling that’s what it was, always nice to get some good advice before going crazy with nutes.
All the best mate

Im not seeing any spots. Yes brown spots are ‘typically’ a calcium deficiency but that could be caused by lack of calcium or pH outta range.

Can you take a picture in normal light? And are u already supplementing calmag?

What is the pH of ur rez/bubbler?

Obviously deficiencies show themselves in different ways and spots is one but excess nutrients will show the same way so it could be that there’s to much of something. I don’t grow in water so I’m not familiar enough with it to really help but just wanted to throw that out there because I think excessive nutrients are often misdiagnosed as a deficiency especially in soil when a plant is young and the soil is still rich


Thank you! Yes I used a another pH tester & was getting a higher reading. I had pH/temp combo that doesn’t seem to stay calibrated. so glad to catch this early on can’t thank you enough.


When I started nutes I started out 1/4 strength & pH down… I’m using Masterblend /power grow trio & using a scale for weight precision, should I be using cal/mag as a supplement too?… again I can’t thank everyone enough on here so helpful I’m sure I’ll have a ton of questions as I get further into the grow.
Thank you MeEasy

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