Brown spots please help


I went to check on my hydro plants and one of them is lime green with brown spots all over it and its not pest idk what it is so i went and changed the water in my hydro bucket and put nutrients in it and that was last night and its a day later and it seems like its getting worst please help


Could it be too much nutrients? What nutrients are you using and how much?


What is your PH?

What is the EC/PPM level of your nutrient mix?

Water source?

Possibly an image. Would love to help, do not want to guess.


The ph is a firm 6.5 right now and im using 6-2-1 hydro farm flora bloom and im useing tap water because i was told tap water is good for this plant ill upload a pic as soon as i can figure out to turn off my gps settins for my camra cuz when i take a picture it says where i took it at


And the leaves started to drop last night so could it be its getting to much nutrients


Oh and and the anount of nutrients im useing is 1 tsp for every gallon and its 7 gallons of water do i used 7 tsp and ill upload the pic tonit when i get off work


6.5 PH is kinda too high for hydro, it needs to be between 5.5 and 6.0 for hydro. Tap water is not necessarily bad or unusable. What is the temp of your reservoir? What are your PPMs?


Idk but ill check when i get off work but what are ppm and how do i go about finding out the ppm


You need a testing “pen” or probe. TDS/PPM is total dissolved solids or parts per million, this will give us an idea of the nutrient concentration, it is pretty much a must have and as important as PH, especially in hydro.


They died i got home and they are dryed up